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  1. Hi Andreas, If you want you may try this: http:// www. 20pzgrendiv.eu/ Regimenter.htm. Under the button "EINHEITEN" look for IR 69. Jens
  2. Hi Andreas! Sorry to say I just found one Picture of Onkel Bruno, and that is in the Magazin "Alte Kamraden", Nr 10, Okt 1973. Not a picture worth looking for, he was 75 years of age at that time the picture was taken. The page TracesOfWar.com will show you some of his Awards. Yours, Jens.
  3. Hi again Andreas! Sorry, no such photos at the moment. I will have a look when i am passing Hamburg and Hannover the next time. It will be spring or summer 2018. Bruno lived in Wentorf bei Hamburg, Flurstrasse 1. He had one Child, she is the one to ask, but i can't give you her name this open. I don't Think Think Everything was on the card as mentioned as it say "Wenden". But if you don't mind I have to take it in German? Bei Uman wurde er zum zweiten mal verwundet. Fur seinen Einsatz bei Juchnow wurde er mit dem Deutschen Kreuz in Gold ausgezeichnet. Dritten Verwundung am 9. 1. 1942 aber Er blieb bei der Truppe und wurde am 15. 2. 1942 zum vierten Mal verwundet. Nach Seine 5 Verletzung am 9. 1. 1943 hat Er das goldene Verwundetenabzeichen bekommen. Nach die auflösung, GR. 553, wegen der starken Verluste Ende September 1944. Wurde Er Kampfkommendan von Frauenburg. Nacher als Kampfkommendant von Dusseldorf eingesetzt. dann im Stab der Heeresgruppe Model.. In Mitte April 1945 in amerikanishe Kriegsgefangenschaft. I Think this was on the flip side of the card, but not copyed. My best regards, Jens.
  4. Bruno Zwick born 01.10.1898 in Stettin. 16 years old he joined (1915) as volonter the Res.Inf.Rgt 9 in Kolberg. 1 day after he was 17 years old(1917), he got honoured whith the EK II. 1916 he got the Bulgarian "Tapferkeitskreutz". Mai 1917 he was promotet to Lt. d. R. August 1917 he got shot for the first time and recived Ek. I. After the 1 World war he was employed by factorys and banks. He was a Soldier again 1935, Hptm. and Kp.-Chef im IR. 4. 1936, Döberitz. After that Kp.Chef in IR.69(mot). When the 2 World war started he made service in IR.90.(mot). He was a brother of my grandfather.
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