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  1. This is a picture of the rim of the medal showing the indented information. Is this genuine?
  2. Thank you but I have all the info of his emigration to Canada. Plus what happened to him after. It's just his South African service I'm having problems with.
  3. Thanks for this info. I don't have the medal but his great,great grandson in Canada has it. I will ask him if he can send a photo of the edge. I did suspect that this medal may not be genuine as James seemed to have a habit of being 'economical with the truth'.
  4. 694 TPR JAS.H.GALT. S.A.COSTBY is what is indented on the rim. He wasn't Canadian, he was Scottish. He emigrated to Canada in 1913. He enlisted in 1906 from Scotland. I have just recently found his Ayrshire Police service record which shows that he resigned from them to join the S A Constabularyin 1906. I'm assuming that as he had a 1902 bar on his medal ribbon he had served twice with the S A Constabulary,
  5. This is a picture of my Great Uncle James Henry Galt/Gatt (born in Scotland 1883) in his police uniform. This photo was taken in Canada 1913 so unsure which uniform it is although believe it is his South African one. Also attached is a picture of his medal. I know he joined the South African Police Constabulary in 1906 from his Ayrshire Police record. Plus on his Canadian Expeditionary service record he states he served 6 years 7 months with the South African Constabulary. I cannot find any service records for him either before 1902 or after 1906. Any help greatly appreciated.
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