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  1. Paper weight with news clipping on my Grandfathers IC 2. Would anyone please translate . Thank you Rick
  2. Nemchenko saw fighting also. Line 8 of citation. Heavily wounded 2.7.41. Heavily wounded in chest 27.8.41 and light wound in hand 5.6.42.
  3. Interesting document you request a translation on. The 1917 timeframe and the various Russian alphabet characters that were abolished in 1918.

  4. There is member of this forum that can do research User name order_collector contact: alon.gaz.gaz@gmail.com I have used him and am very satisfied. Rick
  5. Alan: With the Red Star you are in a position to get it researched. You will have additonal historical information about your Grandfather's time in the Great Patriotic War and learn the circumstances surrounding this award.
  6. Noor: There is a member of this forum who can take care of research for you. His user name is order_collector. He can be reached at alon.gaz.gaz@gmail.com He posted the following information: "I have a channel that provides research by serial number within 5 days. The price is 60$ and it includes Award Record Card and Citation. For additional 25$ you will get Service Record Card and Picture of the recipient if he was an officer. " He accepts paypal. Rick
  7. Christophe: You are right! Congratulations! Over to you. Rick
  8. 1. Identify the insignia . The unit was established in 1917 2.What was its roll during this pivotal time in history.
  9. Who am I? What is my nationality? What awards did I receive? From NASA website 1. Jean Loup Chretien 2.French 3.Awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Recipient of the Order of Lenin; the Order of the Red Banner of Labor; Commandeur de la Légion d’Honneur (Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor); Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite (Knight of the National Order of Merit); Titulaire de la Médaille de l'Aéronautique (Holder of the Aeronautics Medal), and honorary citizenship of Arkalyk.
  10. Hello Christophe and Auke! Lets me try for a two part question that I hope will not be too difficult. Women in Aviation Who am I. She was known as the White Lily/Rose of Stalingrad. Who am I She was known as the Russian Amelia Earhart. Regards Rick
  11. 1. Who is the officer below? 2. What is special about his 2nd HSU star? 3. What happened to him in February 1943? 1.Major Grigorii Panteleevich Kravchenko 2.First individual to be named Hero of Soviet Union for second time. 3.He perished on February 23, 1943 during air battle .
  12. Protocol 546 Presentation of orders, medals and documents to award to the family of the deceased (posthumously) awarded August 24, 1987, I Svalyava district military commissar of the Transcarpathian raion Lieutenant Colonel Bychkov, B.N. Present- The Order of the Red Star, Nr. 3771089 and Order Book L-582106 of the deceased (posthumously) awarded by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on May 25, 1987 FIZER Anatoli Dmitrievich present to his father FIZER Dmitri Pavlovich Svalyava District Military Commissar Lieutenant Colonel ( signature ) Bychkov
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