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  1. General Franasović was awarded Milosh the Great 2nd Class in 1899. Regards, Dragomir
  2. Well, dear Ernie, The man is professor doctor of the engineering, and had been awarded the Order for his merit in designing and researching large technical systems of the water supply and sewerage
  3. Gentlemen, Here are photos of Broz (Tito) Indonesian awards. 3.tif 2.tif 1.tif
  4. Gentlemen, It took me some time to do the transliteration of Cyrillic list, but here it is, the complete list of holders of the Grand Star of Yugoslavia. no name position country year of award 1. Aguilera, Jaime Roldos President Ecuador 1980 2. Ahidjo, Ahmadou Babatoura President Cameroon 1967 3. Akihito (Heisei) Emperor Japan 4. al-Bakr, Ahmed Hassan, General President Iraq 1979 5. Alessandri, Jorge President Chile 1963 6. Alfonsin, Raul Ricardo President Argentina 1985 7. arap-Moi, Daniel President Kenya 1985 8. Ayub-khan, Mohammed, Field-Marshall President Pakistan 1961 9. Bakarić, Vladimir Comm. Party Head of Croatia Yugoslavia 1972 10. Baudouin I King Belgium 1970 11. Bayar, Celal President Turkey 1954 12. ben-Bella, Ahmed President Algeria 1964 13. Bendjedid, Chadli President Algeria 1982 14. Betancur Cuartas, Belisario President Colombia 1983 15. Bignone, Reynaldo, General President Argentina 1983 16. Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev King Nepal 1974 17. Bokassa I/Jean-Jacques Bedel, Marshall/ Salah Eddine Ahmed Emperor /President Central Africa 1972 18. Bongo, Omar Odinba /Albert-Bernard/ President Gabon 1982 19. Brezhnev, Leonid Ilych Gen. Secretary Soviet Comm. Party SSSR 1962 20. Broz, Josip /Tito/, Marshall President Yugoslavia 1955 21. Bourguiba, Habib President Tunisia 1961 22. Burnham, Forbes President Guyana 1985 23. Cabral, Luis President Guinea-Bissau 1976 24. Carillo, Santiago Gen. Sec. Comm. Party Spain 1970 25. Carl XVI Gustaf King Sweden 1976 26. Carstens, Karl President Germany 1983 27. Ceausescu, Nicolae President Romania 1966 28. Cedenbal, Jumžagijn Gen.Sec. Comm. Mongolia 1968 29. Chivu, Stoica President Romania 1966 30. Ciampi, Carlo Azzeglio President Italy 2002 31. Costa Gomes, Francisco da, General President Portugal 1975 32. Coty, Rene President France 1956 33. Doby, Istvan President Hungary 1964 34. dos Santos, Jose Eduardo President Angola 1983 35. Eanes, Antonio Ramalho, General President Portugal 1977 36. Echeverria, Luis Alvarez President Mexico 1974 37. el-Assad, Hafez, General Predsednik Syria 1974 38. Elizabeth II Queen UK 1972 39. Eyadema, Gnassingbe, General President Togo 1976 40. Gadhafi, Moamer President Libyan Jamahirya 1973 41. Gierek, Edward Gen. Sec. Comm. Party Poland 1973 42. Giscard d'Estaing, Valery President France 1976 43. Gomulka, Wladyslaw Gen. Sec. Comm. Party Poland 1964 44. Goulart, Joao Marques President Brazil 1963 45. Grunitzky, Nicolas President Togo 1961 46. Haile Mariam, Mengistu President DERG Ethiopia 1978 47. Haile Selassie I Emperor Ethiopia 1954 48. Herrera Campins, Luis President Venezuela 1983 49. Hirohito (Showa) Emperor Japan 1968 50. Honecker, Erich Gen. Sec. Comm. East Germany (DDR) 1974 51. Hrushchov, Nikita Sergeyevich Gen. Sec. Comm. USSR 1962 52. Hussein King Jordan 1979 53. Ibaruri, Dolores (La Passionaria) Revolutionary Spain 1970 54. Iliescu, Ion President Romania 2004 55. Jaber III al-Sabah Amir Kuwait 1979 56. Jean Grand Duke Luxembourg 1970 57. Jonas, Franz President Austria 1967 58. Jovanović, Blažo Montenegro Comm. Leader Yugoslavia 1974 59. Juan Carlos I King Spain 1985 60. Juliana Queen Netherlands 1970 61. Kadar, Janos Prime Minister and Comm Gen. Sec. Hungary 2964 62. Kardelj, Edvard Slovenian Comm. Leader Yugoslavia 1970 63. Kaunda, Kenneth President Zambia 1970 64. Keita, Modibo President Mali 1961 65. Kekkonen, Urho Kaleva President Finland 1963 66. Kenyata, Jomo President Kenya 1970 67. Kim Il Sung President (North) Korea 1977 68. Kyprianou, Spyros President Cyprus 1980 69. Kirchschläger, Rudolf President Austria 1982 70. Koliševski, Lazar Macedonian Comm. Leader Yugoslavia 1974 71. Korutürk, Fahri, Admiral President Turkey 1976 72. Lacas Gajas, Demetrio President Panama 1976 73. Leskošek, Franz Slovenian Comm. Leader Yugoslavia 1975 74. Li, Peng Prime MInister China 2000 75. Limann, Hilla President Ghana 1981 76. Lopez Mateos, Adolfo President Mexico 1963 77. Madrid Hurtado, Miguel de la President Mexico 1985 78. Margriet II Queen Denmark 1974 79. Marinko, Miha Slovenian Comm.Leader Yugoslavia 1975 80. Machel, Samora Moises President Mozambique 1983 81. Mitterand, François President France 1983 82. Mohammed V King Morocco 1961 83. Mohammed Reza Emperor Iran 1966 84. Mohammed Zahir Shah King Afghanistan 1960 85. Mubarak, Hosni, General President Egypt 1983 86. Nasser, Gamal Abdel, General President Egypt 1955 87. Neto, Antonio Agostinho President Angola 1977 88. Ne Win (Shu Maung), General President Burma (Myanmar) 1974 89. Ngouabi, Marien President Congo 1975 90. Nguyễn Hữu Thọ President of Praesidium CC FNO (South) Vietnam 1973 91. Nimeiri, Gaafar, General President Sudan 1970 92. Nkrumah, Kwame President Ghana 1961 93. Norodom Sihanouk King, Head of State Cambodia 1968 94. Norodom, Suramarit King Cambodia 1956 95. Novotny, Antonin Josef President Czechoslovakia 1964 96. Nyerere, Julius President Tanzania 1970 97. Ochab, Edward President Poland 1964 98. Olav V King Norway 1965 99. ould-Dadah, Mokhtar President Mauritania 1968 100. Paul I King Greece 1954 101. Paz Estenssoro, Victor President Bolivia 1963 102. Pereira, Aristides Maria President Cabo Verde 1978 103. Perez Rodriguez, Carlos Andres President Venezuela 1976 104. Pertini, Alessandro President Italy 1979 105. Pucar, Đuro Bosnian Comm. Leader Yugoslavia 1974 106. Rahman, Ziaur President Bangladesh 1978 107. René, France-Albert President Seychalles 1979 108. Sambu, Žemsangin President of the Parliment Mongolia 1968 109. Sao Shwe Thaik President Burma 1954 110. Saragat, Giuseppe President Italy 1969 111. Schell, Walter President Germany 1974 112. Sekou Toure, Ahmed President Guinea 1961 113. Senghor, Léopold Sédar President Senegal 1975 114. Shagari, Usman Aliyu Shehu, Turakin Saqvati of Sokoto President Nigeria 1981 115. Siad Barre, Mohamed, General President Somalia 1976 116. Siles Zuazo, Hernán President Bolivia 1983 117. Soekarno (Sukarno), Ahmed President Indonesia 1956 118. Soeharto (Suharto), Muhammad, General President Indonesia 1975 119. Stambolić, Petar Serbian Comm. Leader Yugoslavia 1972 120. Stoff, Willi President (East) Germany, DDR 1974 121. Terry, Fernando Belaunde President Peru 1980 122. Torrijos Herrera, Omar Efrain, General Prime Minister Panama 1976 123. Trajkov, Georgi President Bulgaria 1965 124. Traore, Moussa President Mali 1979 125. Tsatsos, Constantin President Greece 1976 126. Tubman, William Vacanarat Shadrach President Liberia 1961 127. Turbay Ayala, Julio Cesar President Colombia 1979 128. Ubricht, Walter President (East) Germany 1965 129. ul-Hak, Muhammed Ziya, Fieldmarshal President Pakistan 1982 130. Veselinov, Jovan Vojvodina Comm. Leader Yugoslavia 1976 131. Vlahović, Veljko Montenegro Comm. Leader Yugoslavia 1974 132. Vukmanović, Svetozar Montenegro Comm. Leader Yugoslavia 1972 133. Zhivkov, Todor Prime Minister and Gen. Sec. Comm. Bulgaria 1965
  5. I can provide the full list of holders of Grand Yugoslavian Star, but not of Yugoslavian Star. Interested?
  6. Frankly, I have no idea! There are a few pieces in the Military Museum collections that might have belonged to King Milan, but nothing conclusive.
  7. You are probably right regarding the number confusion. I know of story that King Milan was buried with Milosh the Great. The truth is, lamentably, different. King died in exile, embittered with the comportment of his son, and requested to be interred with just one order> the Cross of the Orthodox Crusaders of the Jerusalem Patriarchate. He explicitly forbade any Serbian order to accompany him to the grave. Franz Joseph approved that the King be buried beyond Serbian frontiers (at that time), and the Monastery of Krushedol, in Frushka Gora was selected. King Aleksandar did not attend the burial of his father, and only some months later paid the visit to his tomb. KIng Milan is still buried there!
  8. Regarding the total number of awards: Back in 1980, when I published "Royal Serbian Order of Milosh the Great" (OMSA Monograph No. 3), the total number of awards to the nationals of Serbia that could be documented was> Grand Cross: 9 (of that number 2 ladies) Grand Commander: 22 Commander: 66 (of that number 1 lady) Knight: 128 Total: 225 After late Mila Piletic advised me that I omitted one name in the Class of Knights, the total number of national awards amounted to 226. The only foreign recipient (if we discount Baroness Ermila Nikolic, who possessed the Commander Class, and who was distant member of the House, but citizen of Austria-Hungary), as far as I know, was Franz Joseph I.
  9. That is true, but Mila Piletić did not possess any direct information regarding that claim, while Muhić/Car clearly state that "it was claimed that Shah of Persia had it". Therefore, Shah of Persia as possible owner of this set is a very, very distant and shadowy possibility, in my opinion almost negligible.
  10. Well, this Order is not exhibited with other FJ insignia, but his White Eagle is also not in vitrines. The possibility that this was intended for Emperor of Russia is rather logical, and it is the fact that the King never reached Sankt Petersburg. Only, it was not necessary for him to go there in person to present the Emperor with the order, because such task could be performed by a special envoy or diplomatic agent in Russia. Yet, we know that this order was not held by any Russian personage at that time ( the full catalogue of insignia awarded to Russian Emperors was published at the time when the exhibition of Emperors orders was presented in Moscow in 2010.
  11. Well, The only Grand Crosses of Miloš the Great, save for King Aleksandar, that qualify for this exuberance were: Emperor Franz Joseph I (the only foreign recipient), King Milan I and Queen Natalia! All of them at that time lived abroad (not within Serbian borders). That is it! Queen Draga had a set that was not adorned with jewels, which is documented by several contemporary photographs.
  12. NO photo, NO portrait, NO information, NOTHING. Orders and decorations of the King were plundered during two occupations of Belgrade during the First and Second World Wars from the Military Museum. Order of Miloš the Great existed only for four short years! Therefore, dear friends, this remains a full and complete mystery!
  13. I have never, never seen anything similar! I remain speechless.
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