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  1. Well, the text is in Serbian, and reads: (To) Dr Rudolf Valtrović in friendly memory of our service in B... (I can not guess the rest) Signed: M. I. Barjaktarović, 11th of May 1903
  2. General Franasović was awarded Milosh the Great 2nd Class in 1899. Regards, Dragomir
  3. Well, dear Ernie, The man is professor doctor of the engineering, and had been awarded the Order for his merit in designing and researching large technical systems of the water supply and sewerage
  4. Gentlemen, Here are photos of Broz (Tito) Indonesian awards. 3.tif 2.tif 1.tif
  5. Gentlemen, It took me some time to do the transliteration of Cyrillic list, but here it is, the complete list of holders of the Grand Star of Yugoslavia. no name position country year of award 1. Aguilera, Jaime Roldos President Ecuador 1980 2. Ahidjo, Ahmadou Babatoura Presiden
  6. I can provide the full list of holders of Grand Yugoslavian Star, but not of Yugoslavian Star. Interested?
  7. Frankly, I have no idea! There are a few pieces in the Military Museum collections that might have belonged to King Milan, but nothing conclusive.
  8. You are probably right regarding the number confusion. I know of story that King Milan was buried with Milosh the Great. The truth is, lamentably, different. King died in exile, embittered with the comportment of his son, and requested to be interred with just one order> the Cross of the Orthodox Crusaders of the Jerusalem Patriarchate. He explicitly forbade any Serbian order to accompany him to the grave. Franz Joseph approved that the King be buried beyond Serbian frontiers (at that time), and the Monastery of Krushedol, in Frushka Gora was selected. King Aleksandar did not attend the bur
  9. Regarding the total number of awards: Back in 1980, when I published "Royal Serbian Order of Milosh the Great" (OMSA Monograph No. 3), the total number of awards to the nationals of Serbia that could be documented was> Grand Cross: 9 (of that number 2 ladies) Grand Commander: 22 Commander: 66 (of that number 1 lady) Knight: 128 Total: 225 After late Mila Piletic advised me that I omitted one name in the Class of Knights, the total number of national awards amounted to 226. The only foreign recipient (if we discount Baroness Ermila Nikolic, who possessed th
  10. That is true, but Mila Piletić did not possess any direct information regarding that claim, while Muhić/Car clearly state that "it was claimed that Shah of Persia had it". Therefore, Shah of Persia as possible owner of this set is a very, very distant and shadowy possibility, in my opinion almost negligible.
  11. Well, this Order is not exhibited with other FJ insignia, but his White Eagle is also not in vitrines. The possibility that this was intended for Emperor of Russia is rather logical, and it is the fact that the King never reached Sankt Petersburg. Only, it was not necessary for him to go there in person to present the Emperor with the order, because such task could be performed by a special envoy or diplomatic agent in Russia. Yet, we know that this order was not held by any Russian personage at that time ( the full catalogue of insignia awarded to Russian Emperors was published at the time wh
  12. Well, The only Grand Crosses of Miloš the Great, save for King Aleksandar, that qualify for this exuberance were: Emperor Franz Joseph I (the only foreign recipient), King Milan I and Queen Natalia! All of them at that time lived abroad (not within Serbian borders). That is it! Queen Draga had a set that was not adorned with jewels, which is documented by several contemporary photographs.
  13. NO photo, NO portrait, NO information, NOTHING. Orders and decorations of the King were plundered during two occupations of Belgrade during the First and Second World Wars from the Military Museum. Order of Miloš the Great existed only for four short years! Therefore, dear friends, this remains a full and complete mystery!
  14. I have never, never seen anything similar! I remain speechless.
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