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  1. I think the OoTL&S I referred in the above post was most likely not awarded to Captain Robert Grant from Dornoch (1/5 Seaforth, Scinde Horse and later 41st Indian Cavalry and RFA I.A.O.R), but was more than likely awarded Lt Col George Patrick Grant, the reason I believe this was, having read the official histories and various despatches by Sir P Sykes, it would appear Lt Col Grant was charged with relieving the fort and had decided to attack the besieging forces at another location, tragically leaving the mutiny at the Fort to go ahead, could it be that his items were left out of a degree of personal guilt he placed on himself for not arriving in time?.
  2. Saw one of these in the mid 90s after my grandfather passed away, my Dad, brother and I helped clear his house out, my Dad, sadly went onto sell one that looked very similar to this and a number of family medals from various generations. I remember seeing the Lion and the Sun centre, obviously not knowing what it was and thinking to myself that it appeared to have been painted by a child. I have been retracing the story of my those family members, one in particular whose medals were also sold on was my Great Uncle Capt Alfred William Will, former Seaforth TF, pte RAMC 60542 at the western front and later commissoned into the South Persian rifles, I could not find any Lion & Sun related gazette entries other than his MC and Temp, commision, Alfred was killed with a Sgt Albert William Coomber (Royal sussex Regmnt) they were killed by his own troops of the SPR in a Jihad on 25/5/1918 at Fort Khaneh-i-Zinian as a consequence of growing anti british sentiments. I have asked my father where the order came from, he guessed it was maybe placed at the local war memorial by a Major Grant from Dornoch (known personally to Alfred), Maj Grant being one of the mounted section that later arrived to take back the Fort and hold those accountable and also recover the 2 bodies, could it be that this order was Maj Grants, Alfred's or one of the number of SPR mutineers who were later executed?. There are apparently some files in the British Library regarding 13 or executions. I have recently spoken to the son of Major Grant although he informs me that his father never talked about his time other than some funny stories, the Majors personal items from his time in service were all donated to the IWM. I also rememer seeing a green ribbon with a strange rosette.
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