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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome, Ive been procrastinating in sorting through the boxes, as its intimidating for me having little experience with the ribbons, medals and badges though the badges are at least of interest to me in learning about their history. Ill be tackling the ribbons first I believe, and is a subject which I know nothing about and have had very little luck with finding any decent online resources so far. Im betting that user forums like this will be of the most interest if ribbons and medals are anything like stamps and coin collecting, but the reality is Im fresh in this
  2. ive been looking for a user forum like this for a while they arent easily found so far! ive inherited a large collection of badges, many canadian but there are many british and US as well. I also have been sorting through a military ribbon collection that seems to be a world collection. im hoping to find information and ill slowly be putting up lots for sale as there are many duplicates and extras ive found while sorting. any other ribbon collectors here? id like to know a few things about these as its an unfamiliar hobby to me so far.... thanks for having me! hello from victoria
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