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  1. @ Jaba1914, I did not know that. It has apparently never been shown in exhibitions. Good to know.
  2. This is a black and white photo before 1945, not current. To my knowledge, the cross is lost unknown as described in the book .
  3. This book " Die Orden des Königreiches Sachsen "speaks of the special Grandmaster's Cross. Unfortunately, this cross has disappeared today. It differs from other grand crosses by the balls on the cross arms. Kind regards haku
  4. Hello Micha there is an article to this medal bar in the BDOS medal and decorations magazine 52 12/2007. This medal bar is shown and the article goes about the Naussauische Feldzeichen 1866. Regards Bernhard
  5. Hello, the medal ist awarded for one action. rear inscription is " for a loyal service in one campaign" This one worth according to the OE catalogue nr. 3051 approx. 50 euro or 70 $ mfg haku
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