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  1. I have found a reference - online - to the Stations of the Royal Artillery in India in it shows a 1st Brigade F Battery, based in Ahmdednuggur, during the years he was in India...could it therefore have been an abbreviation for: "F Battery/1st Brigade Royal Artillery"?
  2. YES!!! That's the one! From Yaxley, in Peterborough - where I and the whole of my family on that side from that time are from. His Nephew - fought at La Boiselle with 1st Lincs, died 3 July 1916, and is commemorated in the Village War Memorial Outstanding work team - really pleased. Thank you all.
  3. Just found a reference that Royal Artillery did have Corporals up until 1920? That suggests RA could still fit?
  4. It absolutely could be an “I” - it appears to be the same as in the work Officers...does that help? F/I.R.A.
  5. Thank you all for your information so far. Sadly I know nothing about his service. His name was William Hall, b 1860, d1934 in Peterborough.
  6. Hi. Hoping someone will be able to help me with some information. I have inherited a pocket watch, which belonged to my great, great grandfather. On the rear is engraved the following: ”Presented to Corpl W.HALL by the N.C.Officers F/t.R.A. Septmber 1888” Does anybody know what F/t.R.A. May refer to? Any guidance greatly appreciated.
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