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  1. Both are modern forgeries. Since around 2005 they appear very often on market and are part of a forgery series consisting of 8 different types. On ebay they are sold by 7 different ebay accounts but behind them there is only one enterprising person. He also uses his different ebay accounts to bet on his own items, always in the hope reaching a end price around 100 bucks.
  2. @ixhs No. The maker of this Eisernen Halbmond produced many other awards and decorations. The Deutscher Offiziersverein only purchased them from the maker and sold them for a higher price. The maker offered to the Deutscher Offiziersverein to emboss their organization name in raised letters on the screw disc. This is the reason why you sometimes can find "Deutscher Offiziersverein" on the screw disc of this type and other awards. But the Deutscher Offiziersverein was not the maker, only a reseller. AND: Most enamel types of grade 1 were NOT "bought and purchased back at home", they were AWARDE
  3. Dear Mr. Erman, yes, once there was a discussion about who was the maker behind the marking "B. B. & Co." and the embarrassing guess that it could be the company that is working as "Gebrüder Binder GmbH" today. You asked who has proven it, right? I did! I called the managing director some time ago. I did it just for fun and for falsification of ALL collectors myths, because I knew that it's totally wrong! The company "Gebrüder Binder GmbH" was founded 30 years ago by one of the actual managing directors. This information should be enough. Also: There never was a company named "Gebrüde
  4. Hello Mr. Erman, my book will be released next year. It still needs a little work on it. Old German professional quality. I am thinking about translate and release it in English too with the publishing company. Until then it's still a secret ... the title too. Over many years I created a archive, a collection and a great typology for all the graduations of originals and also listed ALL fakes. That will be a help for all the collectors. Your 2nd question: Yes, there were (and there are out in the world) 2 types of the original Ottoman made Turkish War Medal. In your book and also
  5. Hi, @camelneck - this "Iron Crescent" a modern fake/replica/specimen. It's "specimen type L" in my book about all the original and fake types of the "Iron Crescent" @lambert- It's "original type O" in my book. German made. A precious piece, made from 1915/1916 to about 1935. Yes, as Mr. Demir Erman said. There is the Ottoman original (2 Types) manufactured from 1915 to 1918. And then there are the grade I German/Austrian pieces manufactured from 1915 to 1919 (I call them the War period originals), the grade II German pieces manufactured from 1919 to about 1935 an the grad
  6. Hi, the medal is an original. It's "original type B" in my book about all the original and fake types of the "Iron Crescent". Bronce silver/nickel silver plated. The case is a modern fake/replica/specimen. It's "specimen type Y" in my book.
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