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  1. Found, a clear image of 1st Life Guards 1814 coatee button held at the National Army Museum from another source..
  2. While on the subject of this topic I was interested in the Life Guards helmet props shown in the attached image and where they were made? Link http://www.stjohnswoodmemories.org.uk/content/samuel-godley/about-the-project/about-the-project
  3. Thanks Peter, I will check this link. We also attended as spectators in 2015 at that special event which I will never forget. Michael
  4. I would like to acquire a digital image of an original British 1st Life Guards Button from the Napoleonic Wars and was wondering if anyone has seen one? Possibly a battlefield relic, museum item or in a rare button collection. I have contacted the National Army Museum Research department but for some reason they don't seem to have direct access to the coatee button in question.
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