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  1. You're right, I probably messed up a few pictures. Sorry. Nevertheless, your MVO is before 1917. The transition from gold to silver plated took place in late 1916. Your MVO is probably an early Hemmerle. MVOs with silver plated medallion always have a broadened rim on the lower cross arm. The manufacturer would have to be found on the back of the Agraffe, where the silver stamp can be found. A Leser-MVO is eliminated as Leser has another belt thorn in medallion,like Weiss and Hemmerle. Also, the agraffe is different in a Leser MVO. I would assign these swords to Hemmerle. It may be that Andreas can tell us more about it, he is the MVO specialist
  2. Servus Laurentius, Good news, I mean, it's a pre-1917 MVO, with real gold medallions. The manufacturer is Weiss and Co., as can be seen on the back of the sword. Damage is often unavoidable. I mean, the lower back crossarm has been fixed before. Nevertheless, a nice piece. Congratulation to the purchase.
  3. Andreas does not mean a 1st class MVO, but a 1st class Knight's Cross according to the old statutes.
  4. Hello Chris, well explained. That is also the reason why the Bavarian MVM is so highly regarded. Even today...👍
  5. I do not think the MVK is an original. The cross body and the swords seem to be from Leser, the medallions from another manufacturer. The front medallion would have to be gold in this cross shape. If it had been original silver plated, the lower rear crossarm would need to have a thicker rim. I would not want it. regards Walter
  6. Servus Graham, Your German is probably better than my English :-) You can see an original on Sascha Wöschler's page in the archive. Watch out for the flames and the widened edge of the lower cross arm https://woeschler-orden.de/node/4000
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