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    Bavarian Bravary Medal (Bayerische Tapferkeitsmedaille)

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  1. I'll call him. He always has a lot to do and is often unable to reply to emails. Either call and talk to the mailbox or mail. The mail addresses are still all right. many Greetings Walter
  2. Verordnungsbl├Ątter des k├Âniglich bayerischen Kriegsministeriums Best regards Walter
  3. Servus Chris, habe den Beitrag gerade gesehen. Hibsch stammt aus der Verwandschaft und aus dem Geburtsort meines Vaters. Die Urkunden von ihm wurden vor ein paar Jahren bei der Landshuter R├╝stkammer versteigert. Sch├Ân, dass diese Sachen bei Dir gelandet sind. Viele Gr├╝├če Walter
  4. Hello Chris, a very nice group. Nice that you got it. Congratulation. greetings from Bavaria
  5. Hello, here a medal bar of a veteran of the wars 1849, 1866 and 1870/71. I hope you like it. Best regards Walter
  6. Servus Alex, gef├Ąllt mir gut. Habe ich so noch nicht gesehen. Viele Gr├╝├če Walter
  7. Bavaria is only slightly represented here. Therefore first a Bavarian medal for bravery (Typ 1a), so awarded for acts from 1806 - 1815 and lending for 1805.
  8. Here is a miniature chain of a brave Bavarian soldier, who stood in the field for Bavaria in 1849, 1866 and 1870/71.
  9. Hello Chris, the MVKs and MVOs were invariably handed out in cases. Reason for that was the return obligation. Thus, the MVOs and MVks were always stored safely and were rarely returned damaged. The blue bag would have to come from an EK or from an honor cross for front fighters The only option I see in a private purchase. Since the original would have been returned in the case after death and the privately procured piece could have been in a bag. Best regards Walter .
  10. Hello Wild Card, really an impressive goldsmith work. Here again a nice miniature chain from Weiss in the original box, as used by Weiss. many Greetings Walter
  11. Since I have something else to the topic RK 1st Class of the Michael Order so bestowed until 1887
  12. Hello, I can not imagine that this MVO was delivered to Weiss so. It may be that he was later repaired and assembled incorrectly.
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