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  1. as do a lot of German monarchs which leads me to believe that it may be the insignia of the german protestant branch of the order of st john. For example Prince Leopold IV of Lippe "All members of the Order may also wear a plain, Maltese cross as a star or 'breast badge'. Most such stars are of plain linen, though enamelled stars in either silver or silver gilt, of about 5.5cm in diameter, also are worn in formal evening attire"
  2. Does anyone know why idi amin wore his state combat star first in his rack of medals? what was it awarded for? Also what was the meritorious service star awarded for?
  3. Guys just wondering how the hell the ranking for the order works? I’m aware that it was redesigned and that the 1st class badge is now green enamel but how about classes 2-6? Are those badges still white enamel? Or are they now green?
  4. nice! What other breast Star is it that you couldn’t identify? I looked through the thread and couldn’t find it
  5. Oh wow that is very possible. Can anyone confirm? If so @ilieff need to add this to the list of orders along with order of St. Louis for Merit which he’s also wearing in this photo
  6. Equally stunning is Ferdinand’s Damond saxe-Ernestine order see page 4 of this posting. This is the badge circled. Any ideas?
  7. i also think three is the sacred military constantinian order. anyone have any idea what the small star is at the very bottom?
  8. So according to this source its a medal worn at the breast? What do you mean by 5cm over the belt?
  9. Hey everyone Ive heard that the order of Bravery theoretically had three classes? Do any of you have any idea what those classes would have looked like? the one pictured would be the hero class (first) but what about the Martyr (2nd) or the Brave (3rd) Classes????
  10. Thanks for all the answers everyone! one last question for the day what is the small breast star worn here by Ferdinand at the very bottom of the image below the Order of Bravery and the Order of Saint Louis?
  11. Wow thats awesome. Do you know if other combined badges existed such as a combined aviz and st james badge or a combined Christ and st james badge? Also can anyone identify medal is in the tenth position on the older ribbon bar (white with red stripes between the order of agriculture and the order of the Southern Cross) or the medal in the 11th position on the newer ribbon bar (purple with thin blue and black stripes between the order of the wendish crown and the Lippe-Schaumburg Loyal service cross? Also can anyone identify medal is in the tenth position on the older ribbon bar (w
  12. Hey everyone, in regard to these pictures what exactly is Ferdinand wearing on the chain with the order of the tower and the sword? no 1 i didnt know that two seperate awards could ever be attached to the same chain but secondly what is it? it seems to be some sort of medallion combination commemorating both the order of Aviz and the order of Christ? So like 2/3rds of the shash of the three orders but on a chain? also why is it red and light blue rather than red and green if they are in fact the orders of Christ and of Aviz? Thanks!
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