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  1. The fakes are everywhere because the mainland Chinese have developed a taste for colonial HK memorabilia, just search "RHKP" on taobao and you'll know what I mean . I'm probably pass on this medal because I saw a similar medal with the same style of engraving on a mainland Chinese website. Hello Peter Thank you for the warm welcome The only "other" type of engraving I have seen on Colonial Police medals (both the CPM and the LSGC) is the style I have attached in this reply, which still looks far more convincing than the style I saw on Facebook. Harold
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Harold and I have been collecting Colonial police (particularly RHKP) memorabilia for around a year now. I have been looking for a colonial police LSGC issued to a Hong Kong police officer for a while now and I happened to come across this Colonial Police LSGC on a Hong Kong based facebook group. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the engraving was not standard....was this medal a late issue or is it not genuine?
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