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  1. Hello everyone! I hope you had a great holiday and wish you all the best for 2018! I took the chance and had a look for the objects we still have at home from my great-gandfather! I dont think they are all from China, and they are mostly in not a good shape.... Here are the pictures:
  2. @Dave Danner thank you for the detailled information! Yes, considering that Roßlau was a rather small town and they where both navy officers, it seems quite likely he is the brother! Maybe I should have a look, somehow, if there are more relatives still today in the area?! And by the way good luck with your research, sounds interesting! Are you a studied historian or are you doing this in your free time? @HeikoGrusdat you think I could get more information by contacting the Marine Offiziers Verein? Thanks for your post! @christerd Its amazing indeed! Is that photo you posted a Liberty cross award then? What does it stand for? And is it only coinsidence or does it really show a Hakenkreuz / Swastica? And regarding to his time in china - Its the only part of his work our family knows about. Not especially, that it had to do with the boxer uprising... But we still have a few chinese objects at home, little ivory figures, a dagger and a sword! Thanks again for all your effort! You are awesome!
  3. @HeikoGrusdat Yes, about the Zigarrenfabrik Gebrüder Bornemann I heard! My dad still has a box of those cigars at home I think.... Didnt know the adress though! Where did you get the information from, this time? @Dave Danner The Albert the Bear was awarded for his time in China you said? And it is an award for combat? Does it mean he was probably involved in confrontations during the boxer-uprising? That he was born in Roßlau, I had no idea! And you even found out about his possible brother! Thats amazing! What is your source there?! And yes, all this is so exciting! @Mike McLellan is right!
  4. guys, I am very impressed about what you digged out here, from the dust of history! Thank you Heiko, for all the details! I have looked some awards up, some very interesting stuff there. Quite a new topic for me also, lots of what I will get into a bit more now. Its quite sad though, that nothing of this remained in the family... Christer, thanks also for the picture you added, of the swedish sword order! Its so exciting how bit by bit more information comes together! And you even found out about when he was promoted! Is that also in the same book, you told me about? By the way, I find it quite a coincidence - This year, august the 20th, I turned 30, and it seems it was also my great-granddads 100th jubilee of his promotion to be captain! And I was wondering, if you know what the shortcuts in the 3rd column mean? Its about his occupations during war, right? What does "R. M. U." stand for? Also, christer, thanks a lot for scaning the pages! I will ask my swedish friend now for the translation and am very courious to find out more! Have a great day!!! And thanks again!!!
  5. Dear Christer gives me shivers to imagine... how the history can be changed like that, maybe only by chance! You have any idea why he was not on the ship? He probably had several under his command, if I understood right? Did you get that information also from the same book? Impressive picture by the way! I wonder where that was taken... Thanks so much again, I am excited to see how far this might get! Have a good evening, Mira
  6. Dear Heiko I had no idea! My father also didnt know about it! It seems like we really lost a lot of information... Its very exciting to get to know all this now. Thank you so much! Do you know how excatly these ordens and awards are called? And under which surcumstances and why they where giving to him? Best regards, Mira And also... where did you find this information? Thanks again for your effort!
  7. @christerd Happy celebrating! Its very interesting how you got into the topic! And I am glad you did. Who knows, maybe otherwise I would have never find out about this part of my great-granddads career... You know, a lot of family-knwledge got lost, when at the end of the second world war a bomb hit our house, where the whole family had a birthday party... It would be great, if you could scan the text regarding the transport fleet and post it. And even look up further info in other books! I will talk to my dad and see if he knows more about my great-granddads whereabouts after 1918. I will let you know as soon as I got something! Thanks again for your work! All the best, Mira
  8. By the way! I heard that today is finish independance day! I assume there are some finish people here.... So, congratulations to you all!
  9. @christerd Dear christerd! I am very happy and excited about your reply! I have to see if I can get a version of the book you mentioned here in switzerland or in germany, maybe even translated?! Otherwise - Could you post a picture of the pages referring to my great-grandfather? Of course it would be amazing if you would translate! If you dont have the time though, I have a friend who is swedish and who could probably also help out here... Its amazing that you could find even some personal words about my relative and i am very interested to learn more! He had quite some ships under his command , which is impressive... Thank you also for the pictures of the fleet! All the best, and thank you again for your effort! How does it come you got into this topic? Have a good day! Mira
  10. @christerd Dear christerd, i was so excited to find your post during my research! I am the grand-grandchild of Kurt Irmer, Kapitän zur See and chief of transportflottes. The exact same picture you posted hangs on the wall of my parents house! I was wondering, could you give me any further information about him, or how you got to your sources? Do you have any idea where I could look further? Its very emotional to me - I knew he was in China through his work, but that he was involved in Finland too, was new to me! I would be very happy to hear back from you. Best regards from Switzerland! Mira
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