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  1. 19.09.1941 – 31.12.1942 „Schiff 10“=Hilfskreuzer Thor 01.01.1943 – 08.06.1943 Motorschiff „Rio Grande“ 09.06.1943 – 22.04.1945 Motorschiff „Bogota“ Since 23.04.1945 Stützpunkt Djakarta Ostasien
  2. He did not made it back to Germany. He died unfortunately october 1945 in the revolts of dutch-india.
  3. Martin, his Name was Wilhelm (Willi) Schlummer and his rank in that time of the second cruise was since 01.04.1940 Obersteuermann and since 01.01.1942 Leutnant z.S. (Kr.O.). Would be great if you could find out something. Cheers, fitzceraldo
  4. Thank you, Martin. I would be very interested if you have pictures or informations about the second travel of the Thor, because my granduncle was on board there.
  5. Greetings from Ilmensee 1943 sent by the brother of my grandfather
  6. My granduncle on his wedding day. The group picture I have no information about, only that my granduncle is on it too.
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