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  1. Looks original. Here is another one.
  2. It's made in USA. Not sure about the manufacturer.
  3. Medal issued by the Aleutian and North American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church "In memory of the 25th anniversary of the first reunion of the Carpatho-Rusyns with the Russian Orthodox Church", 1916.
  4. Thank you. Australian order of Saint John look similar, but it's hard to tell, because of low resolution pictures.
  5. Hi, Can you please help me to identify this order? Is this the variation of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem or Order of Saint John? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Can you please help me to identify this badge? Size 22 x 31 mm. Thanks
  7. Hi Chuck, I think this is fake cross. Turkish war crosses look like this: http://medalirus.ru/georgievskie-kresty/zovo-4-70406-86592.php Regards, Alex
  8. Hi, Is it possible to tell who is the manufacturer and the grade of this miniature? Size 31 X 16 mm., silver. Thanks Alex
  9. Hi gents, Can you please help me with the authentication of this miniature medals bar with early GRI Military Cross and Imperial Russian order of St. Stanislaus? Does it look authentic? Have you seen the mix of WWI and WWII medals on the same bar? Thanks Alex
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