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  1. Hi Gordon- did anything ever come of this- I haven't seen any examples anywhere?
  2. Hi Gordon- I haven't but very keen to do so- if you or other readers have one to sell please let me know!!
  3. Hi All, I have what I believe are (almost) all of the variations in both the Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (1919) and the Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (1951) as shown below: In the SC medals the obverses are- KGV crowned head from 1919 to 1931; KGV coinage head from 1931 to 1936; KGVI coinage head 'IND:IMP' from 1936 to 1949; KGVI coinage head 'FID.DEF' from 1949 to 1952; QEII coinage head 'BRIT.OMN' from 1952 to 1954; QEII coinage head 'DEI.GRATIA' from 1954 to date. All of these medals were made by the Royal Mint until about 1995 when the government, in a cost cutting measure, tendered out the manufacturing contract which was won by Birmingham Mint. The last QEII medal pictured is a Birmingham Mint example- note the slightly softer look and the noticeable difference in the suspender compared to the earlier versions. The contract returned to the Royal Mint in 2007 and it is said their issues from that time were slightly less in quality than those they issued prior to 1995. It was announced in 2018 that the contract was to be awarded to Worcester Medals. I am not sure whether that did occur, and have not seen any medal said to have been made by them, or which I can identify as 'different' from the earlier types. Re the Police LS & GC medals pictured, I believe they were all made by the Royal Mint although I have seen them offered on ebay occasionally with a Birmingham Mint case said to the original. I have not identified any differences in these medals, except for the metal content. The KGVI, and first 2 QEII versions were in nickel-silver and the last QEII is rhodium plated. If anyone can advise on the later variations, or provide pics or even better offer one for sale, call me!! DPK
  4. Great material, Alan, and very good topic. On a related matter, anybody who is a member of OMRS should have a look at the recently released 'Webinar' presentations and also the on-line topis presented by various members, including one on the Houndsditch Murders' by James Kemp. OMRS usually has a physical convention at this time of year but have postponed it due to Covid- instead releasing two (so far) Webinars (a downloadable filmed presentation by various leaned people on medallic topics) with more to come each week, and also some viewable files on various topics. Well worth a look and extremely interesting material.
  5. I am not sure about the UK or other Commonwealth countries/Dominions, but the ISM was awarded in Australia to police officers from its introduction, in both the initial 'star' medal and the later circular medal forms. The Edward VIII and George V issues were mostly for acts of bravery although documentary proof is essential to confirm. Award of the ISM to Australians ended in 1993 with a total of 7,737 issued to Australian recipients. Clearly the ISM was used (with a very liberal interpretation of its warrant) to reward Australian police for 'lower level' bravery or distinguished service including long service because there were limited other awards available. The inclusion of Australian Police in award of the 1951 Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal in 1956 effectively replaced the ISM. The following info is from 'Australians Awarded' by Clive Johnson, publisher Renniks Publications: EVIII star to police- 133. GV star to police- 189. GV medal to police- 810. GVI medal to police- approx 700. No known EIIR ISM awards to police.
  6. All- I have really enjoyed these posts, immensely interesting and great research by many. On a side note, I have three relatives who are said by the family to have served initially in the C of L police and then all transferred to Northumberland police where they completed their careers. I am amazed at the records you have all uncovered in your C of L and Metropolitan research, and therefore am seeking you advice and help on finding out about my relatives. They were brothers Arthur STANWIX born 1909 died 1982, Lowther STANWIX born 1904 died 1977, and Thomas STANWIX (Dates unknown) who all originated in Cumbria. If anyone can point me towards sources to identify which force(s) they served in, and any on-line or other documents about Met and C of L personnel I would be most grateful.
  7. I have an interesting medal, as pictured, and wonder if anyone knows of other similar awards on issue by UK Police Forces?
  8. Not sure whether recommending a commercial book is allowed on this forum but here goes anyway! Peter Clark has just released the latest updated version of his book 'Police History England & Wales Illustrated'. The new update also includes Scottish forces. It is available to buy as a very easy to use Adobe Acrobat document (.pdf) direct from Peter- at PETER B H CLARK <pbhclark@msn.com>. I highly commend the book- it is massive and really comprehensive, and a great index which allows you to jump direct to any part of the book instantly. A must for any police collector. dpk
  9. Agreed and good idea. I think the challenge will be getting a GMIC member to 'volunteer' to moderate etc, and also to get enough on-line activity by collectors to warrant the effort. I know there will be a number of regular and keen users of this type of forum, but not sure if it will be enough! Hopefully we can launch something and assess how much use it gets.
  10. Possibly could fit under the Mervyn Mitton banner as a sub-folder?? That way those who have no interest in the police area will probably never see it but anyone who glances at the 'Mervyn' police pages will have it available in front of them. The issue of course is the extra work it will create for moderators etc.
  11. I would be a definite candidate- I know of a couple of others who would almost certainly also be regular participants.
  12. In the Western Australia Police, there was a truism which went 'The reason they give you a number is so they don't have to remember your name'.
  13. Interesting- if the Reverse was translated from English to Welsh, 'For Exemplary Police Service' would appears as something like 'Ar Gyfer Enghreifftiol Gwasanaeth Heddlu'. (according to an online translator).
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