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  1. Further to previous- there are now two additional EIIR obverses for the (1919) Special Constabulary Long Service Medal. The first was when the manufacture of the medal switched from the Royal Mint to the Birmingham Mint in about 1995. The Birmingham Mint version had a slightly less distinct or 'softer' look than the Royal Mint version, and it had a quite different suspender claw. Images show the Birmingham as a heavier style with more vertical claws while the Royal Mint version has a smaller 'barrel' and thinner more horizontal claws. I believe Birmingham Mint lost the contract back to th
  2. I also noticed this- not only the placement of 'Const' is unusual (never seen it there), the quality of the impressed letters seems rough. It may be the light or condition of the medal but the impressions seem to be a little rough or 'jagged' on their edges- all others I have seen are a smooth and almost polished look. The earlier cupro-silver or cupro-nickel versions still haved a very smooth naming style while the later rhodium-plated versions are almost mirror-polished. Have attached images of a rhodium and cupro version for comparison. Is it possible the ebay offering is an unnamed v
  3. OMRS has just released a new publication- "A Guide: Medals & Awards to British Police by Local Authorities of the United Kingdom. Covers over 110 medals & awards issued by Counties, Cities and Borough of the UK to their police. Over 260 colour plates adn believed to cover all the awards issued. Hopefully a very good reference to collectors. Available from the OMRS (UK) online shop.
  4. OMRS (UK) has just published a new medal book: 'A Guide: Medals & Awards to British Police by Local Authorities of the United Kingdom'. Covers over 110 medals and awards issued by UK Counties, Cities and Boroughs to their police forces- believed to be a complete coverage of this genre of medal and award. Over 260 colour plates. Available at the OMRS on-line shop.
  5. I am a retired Western Australia Police Force officer and I know that members of Australian State and Commonwealth police forces served in Cyprus under the auspices of the United Nations. They were also (retrospectively) eligible for the Police Overseas Service Medal which is an Australian national award introduced in 1991.
  6. Did see that, contacted the seller to see if he would split the 3 items but no go. I guess he would rather not sell three, than sell one!
  7. Hi All, Researching the badges and possible medals issued to British Police by their forces for gaining "Merit Class'- a system where officers were given grades of merit which meant a pay rise, for good work, sometimes bravery etc. They often were given an embroidered badge to wear on a sleeve (often bullion wire badges with the word 'Merit' shown on them. Any info most welcome David (dpk@iinet.net.au)
  8. Hi SCollector and all-

    I am writing a book on medals and awards issued to police by local UK forces and authorities, essentially Counties, Cities and Boroughs. I have two Bradford items in the book which I would like to know more about- what they were for, criteria for issue etc and any info. Hope you can help! I believe they were either awards for some particular service, or possibly identification badges. First one is in gold, the second bronze or brass.

    David-  dpk@iinet.net.au

    Bradford Obv gold ex Trevor Finbow close.jpg

    Bradford 2nd type Obv close ex Finbow.jpg

  9. Hello All- I am writing a book on medals & awards issued by UK local authorities (Counties, Cities and Boroughs) to their police officers. A surprisingly large number! I recently came across the Gloucestershire Police Silver Braid Bravery Award- initiated in about 1919 to recognize acts of bravery by Gloucestershire police. It ran for a number of years and was quite frequently awarded to officers. It took the shape of a single full-size medal ribbon bar worn on the right tunic breast. Seeking any information, pictures of front and back and maybe to acquire one if I can! Davi

    • WANTED

    Seeking any information, images or an actual Gloucestershire Police Silver Braid Bravery Award. Initiated in about 1919, consists of a bar about the same size as a single-medal ribbon bar and worn on the right breast of the police tunic. Still being awarded up until recently. Hope you can help! David dpk@iinet.net.au


  11. Interesting idea on language variations. Might be a struggle to get all the required letters on the rim of a Welsh police medal-!!!
  12. Hi all, Not sure if anyone can help but I am seeking two original shamrock top brooch pin bars for the 1900 and 1903 Visit to Ireland Police medals. Picture attached- willing to pay a reasonable sum! Please let me know- David at dpk@iinet.net.au
  13. Hello All, Slightly off topic (or at least geographically distant) is the baton experience in Western Australia Police. On joining in 1973 we were presented with a dinky little rubber baton. It had a tightly wound steel spring at its centre, covered with a slightly flexible firm rubber outer- 14 inches long. This was particularly useless as a tool to subdue an angry man as it just didn't have the reach to connect from a safe distance. You virtually had to be wrestling with the crook before you could use it. It did have the novelty value of being able to be thrown down onto the
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