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  1. Following on from your lead that they are RAD administrative, I think that they might be rank of Hauptamtswalter. I found this in a discussion on another forum but unfortunately there were no pics they were just discussing ranks. I will need to try and find pics to back this up. Best Regards
  2. Would that still be the rank of Oberfeldmeister ? Or is it different for the administration section.
  3. That certainly fits what I originally thought. Then it was suggested by someone else that it could be customs Oberzollinspektor Landzollbeamte . It is a fascinating subject but very confusing for a non expert like myself. I will take it all on board. Many thanks. No Joe they didn't have the cyphers. I am still torn between RAD and Customs as I have had conflicting opinions. Unfortunately I don't have any reference books for this subject and rely on others input. However I am taking it all on board and will no doubt arrive at the correct answer in the end. Thanks for your comments.
  4. That's it. Well done Bayern I have found some illustrations now for Landzollbeamte. I just needed pointing in the right direction and you were spot on again. Best Regards
  5. Hi Bayern. I think the chevrons on Bundesgrenzschutz were green. Mine are definitely black.
  6. Thanks Gordon you've confirmed what I thought. I need to keep searching then. Best Regards Garry
  7. I have just had a further thought could it be RAD oberstfeldmeister . However didn't they have a black backing?
  8. I thought that yhese SB's were Customs originally but they can't be because they do not have the RSV cypher. Can anyone help with id please? The chevrons are black thread and the backing is dark green. Two gilt pips to front. Thanks
  9. That's fantastic information Michael. Great research thank you very much that tells me everything I wanted to know. Would be great to find a dagger and portapee to go with it. Best Regards Garry
  10. All clear I think and your experience in the 1990's confirmed it . Many thanks.
  11. That's very interesting Bayern and as you say a little strange. I would like to try and find out more.
  12. You remembered correctly Rohleder. I found them illustrated on the net and as you said rank was Reichsbahn Oberassistent. Great stuff. Thanks
  13. Thanks for that information Bayern. That would seem to be the answer I believe.
  14. Yes that’s what I found. I have only ever seen them with 2 before. I will see if I can find out about GDR ones. Thanks for that thought.
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