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  1. How many ribbons are in the state seal at the top of the dagger? Does the dagger have a catch button? best regards Andreas
  2. Yes, it is possible, Daggers without year are produced in 1956.
  3. Only research will tell. As they are not given out consistently in order, nobody knows. regards Andreas
  4. Intersting piece. Red Star 147.331 given to a person in the Stalingrad Air Defence Foreces 147.975 10.02.1943 Mikhail Pavlovich Kostyrko best Andreas
  5. This is a fake (phantasy piece) the real ones have a different inscription on the lower red ribbon (not KGB CCCP) best regards Andreas
  6. Yoyo, can you post a picture of the Mothert Heroine medal here. Andreas
  7. I also saw some dagger without number and producing year, but aways with a producer mark like SIK. I have no clue why are there no numbers. But maybe just forgotten. Can you post some pictures of your daggers without numbers? best regards Andreas
  8. Here is another one. A picture from a personel file. And the other awards of the Major. best regards Andreas
  9. There are no entries for Kapinichenko. But I think his name is Kalinichenko. Compare the L from Pave(l) with the letter of his last name Ka(l)inichenko. best regards Andreas
  10. I wasn´t able to find his group in podvignaroda. I hope this his his name and I got it right: "Калиниченко Павел Иванович" ? best regards Andreas
  11. Richie Avers 8 is a good reference book for badges. best regards Andreas
  12. Thanks for the nice pictures and information. Very informative posts. Andreas
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