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  1. Thanks Bayern from memory you have helped me before so thank you martin
  2. Evening all i have a de-activated 1936 S/42 Luger. it has Mauser military proof marks but no eagle and swastika , was 1936 before the eagle and swastika stamping were introduced ? thank you martin
  3. Stunning model Steve many hours on the air brush there !! awesome detail , it just looks right šŸ‘šŸ‘ martin
  4. Nice selection of pieces my friend look forward to seeing your collection grow best wishes martin2
  5. Now that would interesting Bayern i know little about these items ( including the proper name) but there seem to be no visual differences between this and any other Leuchtpistole . also , to me the engraving and white paint appear totally original to the period and of the right quality. i appreciate your time and research. if you need any more pictures please let me know best wishes martin
  6. Thank you Bayern , I stand corrected. any thoughts on the Ev.br 100 ?
  7. Evening gentlemen please see below my deactivated ayf 43 dated Kampfpistole can anyone please tell me what the white lettering stamped over the top of ayf means or relates to ? Best wishes Martin
  8. Cheers Steve dont eat to many Easter eggs mate šŸ‘
  9. Evening gents please find attached pics of a K98 bayonet and scabbard I am thinking of purchasing. i think the bayonet is good but I'm not sure about the scabbard? there are no stampings at all on the scabbard , having said that , I have heard that not all do have markings ? ive also heard of Chinese replicated scabbards? i have not been able to post all pics on this one post but can post more on a separate post help appreciated as usual martin More pics
  10. And thanks for the pictures John, identical finish to my example
  11. Thanks John thought the paint looked a touch glossy thats why I wondered if it might be lacquered martin
  12. Dear all please have a look at the pictures of a steel wound badge I recently acquired . my question is : painted? re-painted? Lacquered? all opinions appreciated Martin
  13. Thanks for your help John much appreciated best wishes martin
  14. Following the help from Mr J Temple west regarding my infantry Assault badge , and his request to see more pictures of the pin , I have now solved my picture uploading problem. it related to an iOS 11 issue. anyway , I hope Mr West sees this . The pin has no " crook" at the top as most others seem to but it does have age and patina to match the piece , a period replacement ? Martin 2
  15. Just read your reply regarding the M1 again Steve , Iā€™d missed the the bit about the dent coming out easy like my loose pin easy fix scenario , just off to my little workshop now ,,,,,, not
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