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  1. Thanks for both opinions! Alex, your badge is a miniature too? Do you know more or less its value? Thanks!
  2. Dear all, A year ago, in a lot of an auction that I won, there was a miniature of the medal Finlandsky Regiment life-guards (20 x 20 mm). I have tried to find information and have not found any similar badges. Does anyone know this badge and more specifically, in its miniature version? The only person I know with some knowledge about this kind of badges is someone who always wants to sell his book and for him, all the medals and badges that are not his are fake 😅. I would be very surprised if it is a fake for several reasons: first of all the rest of the lot was completely original and
  3. Dear, I found an order of Croix of Saint Louis, but I have a some questions about it. Is there any specialist in the room? My doubts are: - for the inscription (BELL. VIRTUTIS PRAEM) is prior to the restoration, but I can not see from what period. Louis XV? Louis XVI? - I don't think it's a fake, but I miss the space within the word VIRT UTIS, as well as the length of the sword. - On the obverse, the king seems to be very small. I have seen several medals of Croix of Saint Louis and they are all different, but I would like to know your opinions with this
  4. Sorry, the numbers are 84. Thank you very much, very interesting.
  5. Dear Eric, thanks for your reply. And yes, I prefer to move this thread to the correct section, but I don't know what I can't see the Imperial Russian section. Maybe a moderator can move this and put an I in the title of the thread I know this type of suspension because I have other soviet medals, but with an imperial one I am a little confused. I don't know what is the mark in the top. With the magnifying glass it seems to be and 64 very delicate.
  6. Dear all, First of all excuse me to put the topic here. I've searched the Imperial Russia section and I haven't found it. I'm a collector of medals and yesterday I found this in a market. I don't know about Russian medals. I know more about French and German medals. When I got home and studied it, it has generated many doubts about its originality. It's silver but has errors in its creation. The measurements are correct. When I bought it I thought that the ribbon was not mounted correctly, but now I think it's a fake. I've seen that in this forum there were some people very knowled
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