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  1. This is not a genuine wartime EK. The core design is very similar to another copy known as the 'Latvian Fake' so, since you purchased it there, the chances are that is is another variant from the same manufacturer. Regards - Danny
  2. Very bad photographs but it is most likely an unmarked '100' Wächtler & Lange. Regards - Danny
  3. Danny70

    Karl Marx

    Hello All, It's been a while. I have recently started pencil drawing again after a 16 year 'break', it's taking a bit of time to get back into it, but I thought I would show you my latest attempt - while not exactly military related, it has it's connections. Karl Marx - Hope you like it, I feel it did not come out too bad. Regards - Danny
  4. Hello Rogi, and thank you. Yes, these photographs were in macro mode. Even using a loupe, all I can read are the horizontal 9, and 375 (denoting 9 carat gold). I imagine, if this was a one off, custom piece, then someone must have paid well to have it made. Thanks again for your thoughts. Regards - Danny
  5. Finally managed to get some slightly better photographs. Does anyone have any thoughts on this piece? Regards - Danny
  6. Hello All, I have been very quiet lately and generally just lurking, but I am hoping that one of you might be able to help me identify just what this pin is. It looks to me like an Irish Air Corps pilot Wings badge, but I don't know of any in this size or that are made of gold. It is extremely well made with great detail, hallmarked as 9 carat gold, with red and green enamel work (I cannot read the other hallmark stamps). It has the stamp of the 'Jewellery & Metal Manufacturing Company of Ireland' (37 Kevin Street, Dublin). As far as I can gather, this company ceased to exist circa. 1970. It reminds me of a sweetheart pin, but I cannot find any reference to anything like this on-line, the closest I can find is a silver badge (Pilot Wings - pre 1994. same colour enamels and style) - see: http://www.irishmilitaryinsignia.com/flash/catagory/aircorps/wings_pilotandcrew/flash_ac_pilotwings_gen.htm It is very small at 33mm from wing-tip to wing-tip. I apologise for the very poor quality phone photographs - I will try to get some better shots tomorrow. Thanks in advance for any help or comments offered. ( Kevin, are you still out there? ) Regards - Danny
  7. Oh Lordy! that has to be the worst one yet. Is he down to using his odd socks as inserts now?! Still though, I have to admit he has inspired me - all the cases below I have modified and added homemade inserts. Although I still wouldn't have the nerve to attempt calling them original. All have been sold with original medals* and a full declaration of my modifications to the (in some instances - modern/repro) cases. Unfortunately for me, none of them reached the crazy kind of prices this guy has managed. Maybe I should start looking for some fools instead! Regards - Danny. (* except for the 1914 bar)
  8. Awful looking things, aren't they? They've been around quite a long time now - I would hazard a guess at '80s/'90s aswell. They still turn up regularly on the forums with the inevitable question... is it real? (usually after having already been purchased). Regards - Danny
  9. That is a nice little grouping, I will be keeping an eye on the sales section! Yes, you are quite correct, it is a textbook Zimmermann cross in nice condition with plenty of frosting remaining. Unfortunately the core shows some signs of rust under the paint, but not too serious. Can you show some clearer images of the inside of the case? as that black insert looks like it could be a replacement. BTW, the ribbon on the EK2 is incorrect, this is the ribbon from a KVK2. Regards - Danny
  10. Hello, The reverse and hardware look a little odd, but I would say this is a Wilhelm Deumer EK1. Regards - Danny
  11. Hello Alex, That is a very nice cross. It is hard to say for certain from the photographs, but as I think I can see the 'crunch bead' flaw, I would say the maker is Wächtler & Lange. (Juncker used very similar frames, so clearer straight on pictures would be needed to say for certain). Regards - Danny
  12. Simply unbelieveable! €171.90 Still, you have to hand it to the guy, he isn't even making the effort anymore, they are poorly made conversions and people are still falling over themselves to give him money for them. I'll bet he cannot believe his luck - buy a cheap case at a junk shop, maybe an hour (at most) adding new inserts, a couple of photographs, plenty of fools.... money in the bank!
  13. J.E. Hammer & Söhne, Geringswalde. PKZ #55 A typical late example with multiple beading flaws, but a steal at €20!
  14. It looks like a good original to me. I guess the maker to be Steinhauer & Lück, are there any stamps on the ring? Regards - Danny
  15. Many thanks again Odulf for taking the time to try to correct this problem. Sadly though they still aren't working for me. Anyone else having this problem? Regards - Danny
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