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  1. Hi Christophe & Happy 2013 for all! If the second ribbon from right is Finnish VR4 (Cross of Liberty 4th class) then I'd say this is probably ribbon bar for an officer. VR4 ribbon is not Finnish made nor is the sword device but since so many Finnish awards were awarded to Germans also ribbons were made in Germany (as well as replacement awards). With best, Miikka
  2. Thx for your reply! Dull cherry band has been on this cap for a very long time, that is quite obvious when handled it "live". I've also learnt that anything is possible, that is one thing I've noticed during the years of collecting military uniforms!
  3. ...am I correct that also buttons would support that cap is upgraded to colonel's rank by adding the dull cherry band? (Btw, found & bought the books (or rather series of books) by Mike Chappel that Leigh meintioned on WW1 TOS thread )
  4. Thank you Leigh! So full colonels could wear colored cap band. Cap band looks to be "loose", ie. added to the cap after manufacturer has made the actual cap. Was that common practice? One could imagine that full colonel would order all new gear after promotion but also keep old ones for field etc service and upgrade those to new rank. Cap is very heavy, f.ex. if you compare it to German WW2 era visor caps. If this hat and the battle dress tunic are from the same officer then I recon that at least cap band was added post war since the tunic has January -45 stamp and Lt.Col rank pips.
  5. Gentlemen, This Service Dress cap came from eban with -45 stamped Battle Dress tunic & -45 stamped black beret. BD tunic has R.A.M.C. shoulder titles + Welch regiment formation badges. Seller stated that all were originally from same Lt.Col's estate but no name available. I've read from somewhere (but I can't find the reference now) that higher/staff officers had this arm-of-services colored band on their Service Dress caps. Which was the first rank that could wear it? Lt.Col.? I've not seen these caps for sale with any other colored bands than "normal" red (besides pictured "
  6. Thank you Leigh, thank you very much! I need to buy that book, if still available! -Miikka
  7. Thank you for the compliment & good information! I might leave this as it is now but if I'd restore it with a tartan patch I'd do just as Leigh describes, with a tartan patch only lightly tacked from corners, for display purposes only. It displays nicely already as it is now.. but with a tartan patch it would look even better! Leigh, are there somewhere (close up) pictures available from WW1 troopers wearing a TOS with a tartan battle patch? I think that was not the headgear they worn while taking studio potraits.. Thanks again, Miikka
  8. thx forthe tip, Bing is something new for me! I wonder which, if any, Scottish regiment in WW1-era wore only piece of tartan on their Tam's? Cap badges of Scottish regiments seem to be quite big (heavy) and this cap does not have hole/s on it from a through punctured badge... I imagine that those big badges would need to be punctured through the cap's cloth too in order to look sharp/hold in place, not just through tartan which then had been sewn to the cap..? -Miikka
  9. Thx Mike, Yes, I've learnt that many Scottish regiments had/has tartan backing on their cap badge and some even wore, if my memory serves me, only tartan w/o a badge? Any advice where to look for WW1 period Scottish regimnt cap badge with tartan backing?? Cheers, Miikka
  10. I'm very pleased to tell that pictured Tam arrived today in my mailbox ! It's in great shape. There are traces of a cap badge, not from one that would have been punctured through the fabric but something has been sewed on it (line of needle holes + pieces of thread can be seen inside). Most likely a piece of tartan? Could anyone advice from where to look a cap badge w/tartan backing that would be a match to this Tam? Only cap badge with tartan backing that I've seen is sold here http://www.wdmilitar...ph=12983&phqu=2 But I think badge is not from WW1 era? And since the clot
  11. Thank you William for the help, I'm very grateful! It's always a great pleasure to learn something new about our hobby, especially when a newbie in this area (British/Scottish/Commonwealth) military like myself! One dealer/collector in UK already told me that this could be from the 1950's For his defense, he's involved with WW2 era stuff. I must say that British/Commonwealth uniforms/headgear are fascinating, especially due regimental level dress code differences! I think I'll dig deeper into this...can't help it! I already sent a message to the seller that I'll take it... I hope he
  12. Thanks for the tip & info! For the educational purposes, what are the "give aways" to date this to WW1? Thanks, Miikka
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