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  1. The pad is apprx 2.25 inches long by 1.5 in in depth. Very small. see photos
  2. I am at a loss with this I must confess. But thanks for the response. James
  3. Does anyone on here know what a 'Billings Snap pad' was used for. I know it is revolver related but not sure exactly how. A photo of it is attached . Many thanks for any advice , clues etc .... James
  4. I can't argue with Colt ! . It does show though that despite having a serial number list you can't be certain of the dates.The serial number ranges don't always follow in sequence. But at least you have the information officially. All the best
  5. Just as an add on to my previous post on the 'Government Model' from my records it looks as if your pistol was one of a batch that were shipped in March 1918 to the Ministry of Shipping.
  6. I'm a bit late to this but the markings are similar to an example I have. Pretty much standard proof and inspection marks, The RAF stamp can be a bit misleading as some pistols were given this stamp but not necessarily issued to them. Pistols of this type were a private purchase item. I agree that the '13' stamp is probably a rack number, and I wouldn't worry too much about the quality of the stamp as these were often done in the field prior to being issued out. I attach a photo of mine for interest.
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