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  1. Thanks Jim, very informative website!
  2. Hi! Are these good crosses? Thanks, Köller
  3. Hi! I'm wondering what kind of assault badge award(general assault badge, infantry assault badge in silver/bronze) would the personnel of following unit types be eligible for : motorcycle company of an armored division antitank battalion of an armored division with towed guns(PAK40) non-SPW grenadier battalion of an armored division(transported with trucks, fighting as foot infantry) Thanks in advance! Köller
  4. The ring of my EK has "25", ive read it stands for " Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Graveur-, Gold und Silberschmeide-Innungen, Hanau " . There's also a mark on the Merit cross' ring, but i cant make it out, maybe "800" .... , its a bit faint. I'm not really familiar with the black light method, will read up on it. Thank You for the tips!
  5. Thanks for your insight! Actually I already own these a while ago, got them in the 90ties when i was still pretty young lol. Came across them while packing things during repainting my flat, and thought it would be worth looking at them with a more critical eye than my 15yr-old self... Btw they are from one source, so i still have some hope for the Ostforont medal if the others are good
  6. Hi! I posted my medals in their respective era forums and only noticed now that EK has its own section.. So I'd appreciate opinions on these crosses. (One of the 1914 ones was on the bar but had its ring boken) Thanks! Köller
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