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  1. SA Wehrabzeichen – SA Defencebadge-W. REDO Error? Copy? This badge was found at a local estate sale. The pin is magnetic. The badge itself is non-magnetic and appears to be some sort of white metal/aluminum alloy with a gold wash finish. . I have found several threads debating the miss-spelling of "Fuhrung" as "Fuhpung". I noticed on a dealer website a similar example but in silver and the description stated this miss-spelling was an early flaw that was quickly corrected. The catch on this example is a round wire which is not typical of this maker. A different reproduction variant ? An original? Any thoughts?
  2. I have truly tried to understand all the points about serifs, propellers and logs..This shield appears to be a good one. I believe it is the earlier magnetic, flat stamped steel, silver finish, version with 4 prong back. From the research I've done I believe it to be good. Any and all opinions welcome!
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