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  1. Well, ok, 1813 may be my invisible brother I know there is a bearded Prince of Austro-Hungarian Empire, but it has nothing to do with this subject. I have some pictures of the order of the Cavaliers Hohenzollern, but they may duplicate the previous pictures. .
  2. It's very simple. I especially want and love this medal. This is the second wedding memorial medal of the Grand Duke Hessen-Darmstadt. This medal looks like the coffin of an Egyptian pharaoh. . Or a spaceship This is a group of bars auctioned by eBay some time ago. . Sorry, the owner does not send China, and I have no money https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/erinnerungszeichen-zur-2-hochzeit-1905.html Reference for this medal. Don't you know this site? This was sent to me by a gentleman named "Chris" in the forum, this time he may be on vacation in Australia (BBQ)
  3. You are right, I also like Swedish orders! I like six angels the most, but I can't buy them. . . I also like Polaris because it has no enamel and I don't have to worry about collisions. At the same time, King Oscar II is also a historical figure I admire! It is enviable that Sweden is also a military power in history!
  4. Does he seem to have a Danilo commander of the Kingdom of Montenegro? But as far as I know, these two countries are hostile
  5. thank you. I purchased Vassar Command Grand Breast Star and Polaris Big Cross Breast Star
  6. Dear Mr. Mitce, I would like to ask some other questions. Sweden's Vassar order has a lower rank than the Polaris order? I see that many German medal bars have the shadow of the Vasa order. There are fewer North Stars, but there are more Asians who get North Star breast stars.
  7. I did n’t buy it, this is a picture that someone else bought
  8. Collectors, I want to buy an Ethiopian Star Breast Star, but there are many versions. . I want to know the difference between early and late breast stars? Does anyone help me answer, thank you Below are two pictures provided by the seller, which are not marked on the back and are copper
  9. Thank you for your answer. Please accept my compliment Please enjoy my new "toy" below, although I think it should be released in the African region. In appearance, it looks like a badge of the Republic of Bulgaria. . . Bulgaria: "We are all family ~" It's a pity that some of the red fruits have fallen. . I found that the orders made in France are like this, beautiful but fragile Double-layer structure
  10. Can anyone help me in the translation of this text, which is in a pod of an Anamite flag, from Clocheton around 1860 I am ashamed. . I only know the first three words. . I have to ask someone
  11. The order for Niger has been commissioned to manufacture in Guangdong Province, China. . It can also be purchased in China. . The price is very cheap, you can buy the highest level products for less than a hundred dollars, hope you see these words, don't get angry
  12. Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein One more question, can the Hohenzollern order be sent to German allies? I have never seen anyone from the Austro-Hungarian Empire take them
  13. Thank you for your concern! I'm very good! Keke (pretend to cough) I just received the breast star of the Liberian order I bought todayThank you also, Mr. Bayern of Argentina
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