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  1. Taras, please email me and I'll make it a priority. RasTafariLives@gmail.com
  2. I'm pleased to see the conversation. I just checked the 7 Imperial Ethiopian Order of Chivalry neck badges in my Archive collection and the 4 or so for sale, and none of them have that double beaded ring. I have seen one like it before, but I don't recall where. Even the one I was generously awarded has the single line down the center of the ring. My email, if anyone ever wants to ask anything, is RasTafariLives@gmail.com
  3. Jah Jim


    I've never seen this nice review before, so thank you! I work hard to enable others to find and acquire any thing they seek of Imperial Era Ethiopia, wearable medals, table medals, orders of chivalry such as I was awarded, or insignia, plus related subjects. I also buy from those that wish to sell, especially unusual items. Bless you all! Jim Marshall, G.O.S.E. jim.marshall.9275 on facebook. Please enjoy my photo albums there, both of the Archive as well as item for sale.
  4. Jah Jim


    I suspect the silver Mappin and Webb version of the Victory Star was probably made shortly after the Victory and the Emperor's return to Addis Ababa on May 5th, 1941, otherwise they wouldn't have known that the victory was secure and the date. Owain, I'd love the Best Cow medal if you're not married to it, knowing you prefer military awards. Chris, I offer most of the medals you lost, but of course not at the bargain prices they were available for in Ethiopia back in the day. I have never paid those low prices for any Imperial Ethiopian medals, and as I support my archive with sales, I know you wouldn't want me to take a loss. Of course they do show up on ebay and at other real auction houses somewhat regularly. I've never seen a chocolate bronze version of the Victory Star but do have one of the uniface small versions in what appears to be copper. As for palm leaf attachments, it's quite common to see sellers in Ethiopia attach them to ANY medal to "add value". This looks really strange when applied to something they don't belong on such as the Eritrea Reunion medals. One good clue about them is to study each palm with a GOOD magnifying glass, as each palm has an Ethiopian date on them. Every medal with multiple palms should have DIFFERENT dates on them to be legitimate and original, such as 1928, 1929, 1930 (in Amharic, Ethiopian Era) to represent 1936, 1937, 1938 Julian calendar. It's a pleasure to meet and hopefully serve you all. Jim Marshall
  5. I don't actively collect Socialist medals of Ethiopia just as I don't collect the Italian medals for invading Ethiopia, but having said that, I do find that I have quite a few. Perhaps seeing these can help some of you figure out what you have. Sorry about the reflections, but I can take better photos of any of them upon request and have titles for most of them. More apologies for the reflections. and low resolution but better shots of any can be taken and sent to you by email. Having just posted the above photo, it's not allowing me to post the next photo of another 20 socialist medals of Ethiopia. Perhaps it will after someone responds. Thanks.
  6. My opinion is definitely not from Haile Selassie I era, and feel the same about those wings. They are nice and good for a complete collection covering all eras, but probably not Imperial.
  7. I love this discussion. Thanks so much. Yes, Mappin and Webb made the silver ones. The only connection is made when you have the ribbon and wearing pin which is stamped by Mappin and Webb. Court jeweler Bedros Sevadjian made the nickel version of the medal. If it is in two strikings, I'd love to see close up photos of both side by side so we can see any differences highlighted. There is one other version that exists that I don't see here. It's 2/3rds size, and unlike the "small" (not miniature) one shown here by Owain, it is two sided, an exact smaller version of the original, stating Victory 1941 on the back. I don't have it but do seek it. The Victory medal appears to be the first Ethiopian medal to have English on it as well as our calendar date rather than the Ethiopian Era date, both probably a tribute to Britain which finally woke up and actively supported a free and independent Ethiopia in 1941 when it should have done so when the invasion occurred in 1935. There is a similar 2/3rds size version of the Korean War medal, also two sided, that I also seek. That's the other medal that has the Julian calendar date rather than Ethiopian Era. I was pleased to provide Owain with many of the decrees he quotes from. Here's the 2/3rds size version of the Korean War medal honoring those members of his Imperial Guard that he sent to fight for "collective security". The world didn't come help defend him and Ethiopia in 1935, and as I picture it, he was anxious to lead by example when the Korean conflict arose. The Ethiopians were a remarkable fighting force, reportedly the only group fighting on either side of the conflict not to lose any wounded or dead to the enemy. Though far from home, they were said to "own the night" and General S.L.A. Marshall wrote in Pork Chop Hill about them in a remarkable chapter worth reading. During daytime, he witnessed a number of them jump out of their trenches, run across a wide "no mans land" and dive head first into the enemy trench. Shortly later, a larger number returned. When brought before the general staff, they remarked that as they were frequently used for getting prisoners for interrogation and they hadn't gotten any lately, they thought it was their duty to do so. Brave souls. Thanks, Jim Marshall
  8. Igor's medal honoring Emperor Menelik II is official and issued during Haile Selassie I's era in office although I'm not sure when. 1946 would make sense as it was the 50th anniversary of the Victory over the invading Italians at Adowa.
  9. Very nice. I've never seen this maker's mark in my collection. Thanks for adding to our education on the subject. Jim
  10. Owain is absolutely correct. I sometimes offer them for sale as well as other Imperial Ethiopian items including insignia, orders, medals and table medals. The main thing to keep in mind is that you want the enamel to be in perfect, unchipped condition, and you want the pin on the back to be present and work. I've been blessed to be awarded Grand Officer of the order of the Star of Ethiopia for what they called my "decades of selfless work on behalf of the Selassie family, the nation of Ethiopia, and the Solomonic Dynasty". Thank you all for your interest in Ethiopia.
  11. I'm blessed to have both, and the miniatures of both. Please be in touch any time I can help with the identification or acquisition of any Imperial Ethiopian Orders, Medals or Insignia. Thanks for this forum! Jim
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