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  1. I hope that my reply isn't too late. Below is a basic translation. The letter is worded in very formal German. Cheers, Kilday Translation: German Reich Committee for Physical Exercise Orleanstraße 31/3 Munich, Germany 23 December 1920 Mr. Adolf Baumeister We wish to present you with the enclosed certificate for the successful completion of the Committee for German Gymnastics & Sports program including an award for bronze and, wish to express our congratulations. Yours sincerely, J.V. [illegible]
  2. I thought that I would go ahead and the remaining photo with Mehmed Abdülhalim Efendi in the event that anyone is interested. Thanks again for your help, arb and Dave Danner. Cheers, Kilday
  3. Hello Elmar Lang, Users arb and Dave Danner were of great help identifying various persons in a photo that I recently posted. Osman Fuad is present and wearing the hussar uniform in Germany. I thought that this might be of some interest to you. Regards, Kilday
  4. Das ist ja klasse! Vielen, vielen Dank, Andy! > On 22.03. 1915 three Ottoman officers, including one named Remzi, were placed à la suite in the Prussian army. Remzi was granted the uniform of the Garde Schützen Battalion. He, along with the other two, remained in their positions as officers accompany three Ottoman princes in Prussia, I believe he was attached to Prince Abdulhalim. That's him. I was told that he was a polyglot and aide to an Ottoman prince (at least during this time-frame.) From left to right I now have the following: (4) Abdürrahim Hayri Efendi; (5) Ma
  5. Thank you for taking the time to reply, Andy. His name is Osman Remzi. He did not have a surname. He was from Karaferye which is known now as Veria, Greece. I found references to an officer named Remzi in Rangliste der königlich Preußischen Armee und des XIII. Armeekorps für 1911 (p.42, 189) and, an officer named Mehemed Remzi in Rangliste der königlich Preußischen Armee und des XIII. Armeekorps für 1912 (p.42, 189). I have no idea if this is the same person as seen in the photos. I'm told that he was killed in battle in Palestine (b.1878, d.1917).
  6. Hello! I’ve had this (see below) and a handful of other photos for many years. At first glance, the officers and men in the photograph appear to be Germanic. Some may well be however, I know several to be Ottoman which isn't all that unusual. I know the identity of one of the officers (center back) because he is my great grandfather which is how I have the photo in the first place. I know next to nothing about him. I’ve attempted to identify the others but with no success. The officer second from the left looks a bit like Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse. That said, many of t
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