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    blank TWM

    Chuck, I had the opportunity to review and evaluate the estates of some well-known Prussian generals of a noble family. There was nothing bought after the war, all exclusively original awards. A "General der Infanterie", awarded with many high German and foreign decorations, owner of the Black Eagle Order and the Pour le Merite with oak leaves, had also received high Turkish orders. The Imtyaz medals in gold and silver, the Order of the Ottoman 1st Class and the TWM in the original award bag, manufacturer B.B.&Co. An enameled badge. Therefore, it is clear to me (and others) that not only lacquered badges were awarded in WWI. Uwe
  2. speedytop

    blank TWM

    Hi Chuck, "... from what i have read original award pieces were painted, and had no enamel." I do not believe that, what is the primary source? Uwe
  3. "It is interesting also sport awards were made in Sweden from silver." Yes, and you can see the year of production, M8 = 1938 and R8 = 1943. Uwe
  4. 8a: Ist über Erhaltung von Waffen und Gerat am 2.11.44 belehrt worden Leutnant und Kompanie Fuhrer 8b: 5 Klarscheiben 2 Verbandpäckchen 1 F. Filter 1 Gasplane mit Tasche nicht erhalten: Kappen mit Halter, Entgiftungsm(ittel) 6.11.44 Gasraumprobe: 22.9.44 12 17.9.44 Putzzeuggeld von RM 5,- gezahlt The 3 deleted items > it is always meant gestr(ichen) = deleted: gestr. SanUffz (signature) Uwe
  5. The Golden Fleece in variations 1. Austria, participant medal for a walking event 2. Germany, honor badge of a carnival association Uwe
  6. Hi, I think, that it is a silver grade badge, but it is not a Legion Condor badge. Uwe
  7. Hi Dom, the rank Meister der VP is the forelast of the NCO's. The uniform is dark blue with light grey rank insignia; rarer than the normal VP uniform. Uwe
  8. Hello Dom, He was a Meister, not Mister The centers of the penal system were run by the VoPo District Offices. On 2 of the 4 documents you can see the headline "Deutsche Volkspolizei", on the other "Verwaltung Strafvollzug". On all documents he is, in a different spelling, a "Meister der Volkspolizei": VP.-Mstr., Mstr., Mstr. d.VP., VP. Mstr., VP-Meister. Interesting is, that on the document from 1956 he is Meister without the "VP", and the same officers, in 1955 VP-Rat, signed in 1956 as Rat, without the VP too. KR Uwe
  9. Hi, the "Strafvollzug" (penal institution) was part of the MdI (ministry of the interior). The medal is a MdI medal, not a VoPo medal (armed forces of the MdI, "Strafvollzug" included). A "Meister der Volkspolizei" is a NCO rank (staff sergeant). I don't think, that you can find something about him. His location was Berlin-Mitte. Uwe
  10. Hi dpast32, the "Meister der Volkspolizei" Bruno Urban was a member of the penal system in the DDR police. SV UHA = Strafvollzug Untersuchungshaftanstalt (penal system remand prison) The participation in Marxist-Leninist training (M-L-Schulung) was obligatory for nearly all citizens in the DDR, especially for armed persons. There were always new training courses, over and over again (see the time periods e.g. 1954/55). In such courses he was a teacher or/and an assistent (Gruppenleiter/Assistent). At the end of these periods he had a special training with an certificate for good benefits (Zeugnis). The medal in "Silber" was for ten years faithfull service. Uwe
  11. Hi Dan, to differentiate male and female awards, you should have a look on the dimensions: male 55mm, female 47mm. Uwe
  12. Hi Bombarder, "... so i guess it was awarded early 1950-ies?" There existed different organizations with there own numbering. And these badges had been awarded for one year or for three years of excellent service. For a correct date you need the associated document. Uwe
  13. This is my highest rank, Generalleutnant Johannes von Busse, commander of the 210. Infanterie-Brigade, later commander of the 111. Infanterie-Division
  14. Here it is for a direct comparison. Mielke loved to receive many decorations! Please see here, nearly 200 decorations Mielke Auszeichnungen Uwe
  15. Hi Megan, "I'd guess this is a fantasy bar of whatever ribbons the vendor could get his paws on." Please see my previous comment. This bar is based on a bar of Armeegeneral Mielke, but it is not the original. The various organisations set great value on conferring their decorations on Mielke! Uwe
  16. Hi, the basic motto of the organization was "Treu in Freud und treu in Leid". For the Freud (Freude > joy) stand the Fez, and for the Leid (Leiden > suffering) stand the Totenkopf. Uwe
  17. Hi, in traditional German shooting clubs we find an annual shooting around the best shooter (Schützenkönig). The second best shooter is often called First Knight (I. Ritter), the third best shooter Second Knight (2. Ritter). Uwe
  18. Hi Deutschritter, "... why did Generalfeldmarschälle sometimes wear the General-Kragenspiegel and sometimes ones like in this picture?" Those Generalfeldmarschälle were also Colonel-in-Chief of a regiment, and they could wear the Marschall collar tabs or the regimental collar tabs. Uwe
  19. Im Prinzip ja! There are several different badges with "Typ 1". They are mostly older than the same badges with the other Types (2 - 5), and yes, they normally have a higher value. For the differences you need the appropiate catalogue from Frank Bartel. Uwe
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