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  2. Hi Dave, your more than welcome to pop round for a brew and bit of cake if you ever find yourself in these parts. Thanks for your comments Mike. Your right when you say collections get overrun. I’ve thinned out a lot to get it looking tidy.
  3. Been looking for somewhere to put my bits and bobs for a while. I’ve converted the rear of my garage into an office and although it’s a working progress i’m very pleased with the results so far.
  4. I’d like to get your views on this armband I have. It doesn’t have a buckle but I believe it to be genuine.
  5. I have another of his helmet badge but don’t seem to be having much luck uploading it. I will keep trying
  6. My Brother popped along to the Jack the Ripper museum in Whitechapel a couple of days ago. He sent me a couple of photos of PC Watkins original whistle, notebook and handcuffs that were donated to the museum by his Family. hope they are of interest.
  7. Thats great. Nice to know its background. Only paid £25 for it and it will look nice in the background of my collection. thanks for letting me know.
  8. Just looking for your views on this rattle please. Could this possibly be a police rattle?
  9. Gents, is there anyone who could kindly post a picture of a Met Police cape please. I am looking for one to add to my collection but I'm not sure of the correct look. Did they just have a chain? Or did they have a lion head. We're the numbers worn on the collar etc. Thanks as always for any help on this. Dave
  10. Hoping someone can help me with this. I'm looking for a Metropolitan Police Cape with chain/numbers if possible. This will be used for display to go with the tunic and helmet you see in the picture below. I was lent one of these old capes when I did a very cold night duty a few years back at Balmoral, it was so cold I felt like I was dancing. Anyway, the cape was more affective than any of the kit we had at keeping out the cold. so if anyone has one they would like to sell please let me know. Thank you Sorry about the picture. For some reason I can't right it.
  11. Hi Alan, if you done the 'share this post' way it would look like the above. Or you could just 'cut and paste' the stories and then add in the pictures.
  12. Very much looking forward to that one Alan. It would of been fascinating to have had a conversation with the man who 100 years ago did the same roll as I do now. Dave
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