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  1. Hello, here are the reserve of the bagde from Yemen. I cannot sell the badge becaue I collect medals from socialist contries myself. Best regards Richard
  2. Hello Owain, thank you for your quick an comprehensive answer. Best regards Riachard
  3. Hello, today I like to show you the Commemorative Medal of the Diósgyőri Steel Works and the respective document. Commemorative Medal of the Diósgyőri Steel Works, Commemorative medal of the Lenin iron and steel works The Commemorative Medal of Diósgyőri Steelworks was donated by the Council of Ministers with Ministerial Council Decision number 1038 in 1952 as an award for working people who were involved in the construction and expansion of Diósgyőri Steelworks and did a good job in this regard. The name of the award was renamed by the Council of Ministers number 1032 in 1953 by the Council of Ministers in memory medal of the Lenin iron and steel works. The commemorative medal has two classes. The 1st class (silver) of the award could be given to those who worked continuously for 2 years in the construction and expansion of the Diósgyőri steelworks, the 2nd class (bronze) for those who worked continuously for at least 1 year and who demonstrated their good performance to earn the commemorative medal. The commemorative medal was awarded by the Minister of Steel and Mechanical Engineering. By: A MAGYAR NÉPKÖZTÁRSASÁG KITÜNTETÉSEI, BUDAPEST 1979
  4. Hello, who can help to identify this orders/medals. Thank you very much Richard
  5. I´m looking for decrets of the socialist period whith which orders will be established. For exanpe the decret No. 16 Prezidiul Marii Adunari Nationale from the 30.04.1948 (Order of Labor). Who can help? Richard
  6. Hello Gordon, thank you for your efforts. I also know the order only in the same form pictured on the web-sites from you. Here is the reverse of the order:
  7. Hello Gentleman, I have this Order from Benin. Knows somebody if is this the type of the Order of the Star of Benin from the communist period? Best regards Richard
  8. Hello Gentleman, in the book about Mongolian Orders and Medals from Khuujii Urnukh is written, that the recipients of the Order of Sukhbaatar received a monthly stipend of 50 tugrugs, the recipients of the Order of Combat Valor a monthly stipend of 10 tugruds. Knows somebody something about a monthly stipend for the other Mongolian Orders and Medals? Have somebody the statues of the Orders and Medals of Mongolia in English? Best regards Richard
  9. Hello Paja, thank you for your answer. Yes, this book is it. I have already the book Odlikovanja Socijalisticke Federativne Republike Jugoslavije, but I must translate this sometimes. Ok, if there are no hallmarks on the order, that does not means that the order is not made out of silver, like as the Order of the National Merit. On the online forum “sammler.ru” can be read, that late badges of the 1st class of the Order of the Yugoslavian Flag were made of gilded bronze. That’s the reason why I asked. Have you an idea, which orders from the year 1980/81 are made out of tombac? I know, that all classes of the Order of the Republic, the Order of the People´s Army and the Order of the Military Merit since 1980/81 are made out of tombac. Best regards Richard
  10. Hello Gentleman, I have some questions regarding the Order of the Yugoslavian Flag. I hope some of you can answer my questions. I have a book about Yugoslavian Orders, but the book is written in the Russian language. I already translated some passages about the Order of the Yugoslavian Flag by using an online translator. According to this book most orders were made only silvered and gilded from the year 1980/1981 on. This should also be the case for the Order of the Yugoslavian Flag. There are some pictures from the first class of the order, they show this. My question is: are the orders of the classes 2nd to 5th also silvered or gilded too? If yes, were the orders of the 2nd and 3rd classes made in both forms (one with enamel flag and one with the flag with golden lines)? Moreover, can you please let me know, whether somebody knows something about the flag of the 1st class, shown in the silvered form?
  11. The same medal like above in gold. AVS: RVS:
  12. Here are the insignia of the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit. Picture 1. Picture 2. Picture 3.
  13. Hello, have somebody an idea in which years The Order of Labor, first design will be arwarded? And in which periods will the the three variants (MENNICA, PRAWEMA, TIRANA) of the second design be arwarded? Best regards Richard S
  14. Hello, I think there is a picture of the medal in the book Military and Civil Awards of the Democratic People´s Repulic of Korea (DPRK) from Warren E. Sessler an Paul D. McDaniel Jr. on page 385. The name of the medal is Review Commemoration Medal. Established: March 26, 1997. Best regards Richard S Here are some pictures of my medal. Averse: Reverse:
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