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  1. You can see silver Color under the scratch.The weight is 19 Gramm.I believe it is base metal and no gold plated silver. But it`s a very good copy much more better than contemporary copys. It would be interesting if someone knew at what time this order was produced. Best Regards
  2. Hello. Here I have an obvious Copy of an Order of Lenin.I believe this is one of the Orders which my Father get in the early 90`s.The Quality of the Enamel looks very good to me. Does anyone knew something about Copys like this?The Frontside seems on a Type 4 and the Reverse seems on a Type 2 Order. Absolut inconsistent, but the Quality looks good for a copy in my opinion. Here a some Photos. The Reverse has over 2 Megabyte.I must edit the Photo and I do it n the next Post. Here is the Reverse.
  3. I think it is nothing with precious metal. I thouht all the time that Mezhnumizmatika was a fair for mint and orders and stuff like this. I rather not believe that this piece is produced by Mezhnumizmatika. Greets
  4. I d'ont really understand this. Certainly it's a Copy. But had they produced some Copys and this is a Copy of the Copy? I have made a picture search with russian letters and found better pictures from this Copy out of the Stalin bunker.It looked a little bit different to this. Thanks for your help.
  5. Yes, certainly. I had reached my Max for Upload in the first post. Here are some Photos of the Backside.
  6. Thanks Egorka. I saw this now for the forst time. It looks very different to other orders. I am just looking to other orders and the star is complete different.
  7. Hi I hope someone can help me with another Order out of my little collection. It is an older Copy of the Order of Victory. Perhaps this Order is known in a few countries.Best I can do is to show you some pictures.Here are three from the Frontside. The Order was in that box from the first Photo. The box is made in Germany, I believe they had produced it for this Meznumismatika. Oh, I can only upload one Photo and now I have reached the Max.I do it in another Post. Greets Here are the two other Photos. I thought all the time the Order was made of silver,
  8. It is a very obviously copy without the stones on the Kremlin Badge. There is one Picture in the Internet with a Copy which is shown in the Stalin Bunker in Moscow. My Copy looks like this. It's made with some Handwork. And it is at least 25 Years old. It was a collection of round about 15 Orders and many of these Jubilee Medals. Maybe it is made for Museum or something like this. I don't know, I saw only one similar. Greets
  9. Thank you all for your comment. I always thouht Fake Time came later.It is what it is and it was for free. In this collection was another order, a copy of an order of victory.I hope someone in this great Forum does know something about this Order.But I do it in a new threat. Best Regards
  10. Yes,I'm still surprised.I always thought that you had problems to sold the originals that time.And they were cheap the originals. Some say the 90's were the golden time to buy soviet orders. From that Belgian dealer I've never heard certainly.I've compared the silver of the Nevsky with a cheap silver order of Labor Glory.Perhaps it is one of this orders?Here is a Photo.If this is also a Fake I'm lucky.I'm sure it's more worthy then a real one. Excuse, I have to post the Frontside of this Order,too.Here it is.Were this cheap orders faked anytime?Should be interesting if this i
  11. Thanks for your comment Ferdinand.I'm really amazed now.My Father was a Dutchman like you and he got a lot of soviet Orders from a dutch collector who died.The Heritage gave this Orders to my Father all for free. Some were sold,the best one was an Order of Labor Glory First class.We didn't pay anything for this Order but I'm really amazed if this Order is a Fake.
  12. I asked Google but can't found anything about Soru.Certainly this Order has been faked at Soviet time.Perhaps someone can tell me something from Soru?
  13. Oh!You really think this Order is a fake.And when did "Soru" work?Because I have it since the early 90's together with a lot of other Orders.Did they make fake Orders at this time?
  14. There's a lot of Patina on the Order.I have it since 25 Years and also some other cheaper Orders.If you compare it with other Orders you just see that this is silver.Thanks for your comment.
  15. Hello.I have an Order of Alexander Nevsky since 25 Years in a very good Condition.It's no Question that the Order is real.But I did not know that the person who was awarded is researchable. I live in Germany and have it discovered in this Forum last Week.Perhaps someone can help me with the research?Here are two Photos of the Order:
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