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  1. I personally would also prefer to wear the EK2 in the buttonhole and not on the medalbar. That underlines its high symbolic value. What do you guys think, was wearing it in the buttonhole only a transition period thing, until the medal bar was updated, or did some guys prefer to wear it that way without the intention to add it to the bar later?
  2. Another Pillow picture: Source: http://www.alt-oldenburg.de/oldenbuerger/das-haus-oldenburg/beisetzung-friedrich-august/index.html
  3. Who is the guy in the last pic? I found this highly interesting old thread, with picture of Zar Ferdinand wearing a black eagle Kleindekoration
  4. Terrific pictures, thanks! Yeah, Wilhelm seems to have worn it a lot, but I don't remember having ever seen someone else wear it.
  5. If you know pictures of the Kleindekoration des Schwarzen Adlerordens in wear feel free to post them. There are some of Kaiser Wilhelm II wearing it: Source: https://www.ottoman-uniforms.com/ww1-ottoman-unidentified-equipment-and-insignia-mixed-turkish-austrian-and-german-uniforms/ (I wonder who wrote that on the postcard)
  6. Side question: Is he wearing the Kleindekoration des Schwarzen Adlerordens? (rarely seen) Also very interesting how he is wearing the trifolds under his ribbon bar
  7. I also have a set in a comparable condition. Is there a number how many of these G.A. Scheid pieces were made?
  8. Very interesting That bar is beautiful. It is a NCO/enlisted bar, am I right? The Militär-Ehrenzeichen 2.Klasse was the equivalent to the Iron Cross 2nd class in wars were there was no EK?
  9. I would flip it, but You can document it was the other way when You got it.
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