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  1. That should be Wipert von Blücher, who was ambassador to Finland 1935-1944 PS: Just found a proof:
  2. PS: And regarding St. Stephen and Leopold collars. They seem to be extraordinary rear. Does anyone know an auction were one of them was sold?
  3. Is there any approximation how many collars are still existing today? I know there are documents about the collars in the Austrian Staatsarchiv from the Obersthofmeisteramt. Would be interesting if there are also documents regarding the collars collected in after 1921???
  4. The Oath at Kaiser Karls crowning day to King of Hungary on 30th December 1916. On the left must have been the "iron crown corner" ...
  5. Interresting that he decided to sew his medals on a ribbon bar... or was this done later by another person?
  6. Ok, I'm sorry, I did not know that... Unfortunately I can not delete it, so I would ask a moderator to do so...
  7. Well the ribbon seems to be a Lippe-Hausorden one? And I am not sure about this Militärdienstzeichen, it looks a bit sloppy???
  8. One extraordinary brillant piece was sold today for 161.900€. It belonged to Kaiserin Charlotte von Mexiko. For sure one of the rarest austrian order insignias.
  9. A fleece neck decoration in Prinzengröße that was sold today at the Dorotheum for 137 500€. It belonged to Kaiser Maximilian von Mexiko. After his death it was given back to his adults, who gave it Crown prince Rudolf as to remember his uncle. Then it went to his daughter Erzherzogin Elisabeth and the to her heirs.
  10. Like You I know many paintings of people wearing multiple sashs, but saw this style only at Wilhelm I. I was doing lot of research in sash wearing over the last weeks. Does anyone know if there are already articles or other publications about sash waring styles and origins?
  11. That's the only painting I know where such reduced sashs are worn, does anyone know another photograph or painting with the same style of wearing?
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