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  1. Thank You for replying. I heard that too, but I think it only led to very few deaths. I don't believe a major reason for high casualties were ribbon bars. And I wasn't referring to this unit, but rather generally. The info about those fallen officers above again strengthened my feeling that during the first months of the war the casualties among officers were very high. The reason might have been that the form of fighting war wasn't adapted to the new weaponry at that time. But maybe I am just wrong, it was only a "Bauchgefühl" as I would say in German. What would interest me is if there wer
  2. I somehow have the feeling that especially in the first few months of the war, especially many officers died. Is this a misconception by me or can it be proven?
  3. So; here is the rest: The third letter: 1. Marine-Inf.-Reg. 3. Komp. Im Felde, den 31. März 1918 Sehr geehrte Frau Sasse! Ich erfülle hiermit die traurige Pflicht Ihnen davon Nachricht zu geben, daß Ihr lieber Mann, der Seesolfat d. Lands??? Otto Sasse, am 26. März 1918 im Angriffsgefecht bei St. Albert auf dem Felde der Ehre gefallen und somit den Heldentod für's Vaterland gestrorben ist. Die Kompagnie verliert mit ihm einen bra- ven, guten Soldaten, der in treuer Pflichterfüllung
  4. As there seems to be interest, here is the second letter: Im Felde, den 3. Mai 1918 Hernn Bruno Abehitz, Bln.-Schmargendorf Die letzte hiesige Gefechtstätigkeit macht es der Kompagnie erst heute möglich Ihr wertes Schreiben vom 10.10. Mts. zu bestätigen. Auf Ihre Anfrage sei Ihnen zur Kenntnis, daß Ihr Stiefvater, der Seesoldat Otto Sasse, am 26. März 1918 nachm. 5:30, als die Kom- pagnie aus dem Orte la Baiselle nach Albert mar- schierte, durch die Wirkung einer in die Kompagnie eingeschlagenen
  5. Yes it is a "bastard branch" (is there any less offensive sounding term? "illegitimate" doesn't fit really, i think) of the house of Wittelsbach. The coat of arms also bearing a "Bastardfaden" (Baton sinister), quite interesting.
  6. could it be Holnstein? https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holnstein_(Adelsgeschlecht) Is there more text, it would be nice to see more of this handwriting.
  7. Thanks a lot, I am buying more photographs lately, but my knowledge about 19th to early 20th- century photography is quite limited. I would be thankful for any suggestions on good books about the topic.
  8. Thanks for sharing, interesting documents, showing the horrors of war Here the quite moving first letter: Im Felde, den 15. IV. 1918 Sehr geehrtes Frl. Schusch.. (?)! Auf Ihre Anfrage vom 8. IV. über den Tod Ihres Onkels, des Sees. Sasse(?), kann ich Ihnen Folgendes mitteilen: Beim Vorge= hen auf Albert am 26. III. erhielt die Komp. einen Volltreffer, bei dem Ihr Onkel durch Kopfschuß fiel. Er war sofort tot und hat nicht gelitten. Mit fünf anderen gefallenen Kammeraden ist er beerdigt worden. Das Grab liegt östl. Albert in einer Mulde, wo er den Heldentod gefun
  9. Thanks!!! I was a bit suspicious, that's why I posted it here. And now, after looking at it again, the way it was made doesn't actually look like it was taken around 1910.
  10. The picture was taken in Plön and he is wearing: RAO4; KO3; Dienstauszeichnung; 1870/71 medal ? ; one of the 1866 crosses? so I concluded it has to be Oberstleutnant Billig, cause the decorations would fit; he might got the OV3 WF3a after the picture was taken. could this be a possibility or could I be wrong? (entry from the 1914 ranklist)
  11. True, he almost looks exactly like the "perfect Hitler", you would imagine when thinking of such a picture... I remember being a bit disappointed after I have first seen the WW1-Hitler, not looking as hitlerish as I imagined... (hmm - that's a weird sentence)
  12. The article I posted above states an enlargement was already done in the 1920s. I wonder if this one with the circled enlargement is the only one around. I would call it highly suspicious if there isn't a high resolution version of this picture with Hitler in it, from which everyone in the crowd can be enlarged in the same quality. I hope it's clear what I mean, it's hard in English...
  13. I am pretty sure it was possible think of the soviets purging people from photographs. (real Stalin vs fake propaganda Stalin)
  14. Interesting article about the picture: The original negative is gone and it is believed that Hitler was put in later by the photographer. Has anyone here knowledge how such retouching was done and maybe finds a hint? Could be that the Easterbunny was the only special person there... https://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/bearbeitete-geschichte-weltkriegsjubler-hitler-1.2071039
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