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  1. You're right, it is of highest quality (I would love to be able to see it without its signs of age). The other things lying around in this showcase are also pretty nice. Unfortunately I do not remember who was the bearer of these...
  2. Wilhelm von Württemberg wearing the grand cross in the fashion before 1914. Obviously, as he died 1896...
  3. A very interesting old thread, I just came across. This painting is showing Philipp zu Eulenburg wearing a Jerusalem-Kreuz Is it already known what the circumstances were that led to that this cross had to be worn even with the kleiner Dienstanzug? Was this Wilhelm II personal idea?
  4. The store of G.A. Scharffenberg was at See-Straße 16: The question is whether they also produced them there or at another place? Pictures from http://altesdresden.de What I think is also interesting is that G.A. Scharffenberg did lend pieces of his collection for the colored prints of the book "Der Königlich Sächsische Militär-St.-Heinrichs-Orden" from 1937:
  5. I'd like to share with You some things I found during research: 1) The two previously shown "grand master crosses" side by side for easier comparison: 2) Another picture of Friedrich August III wearing a grand masters cross 3) Another picture of King Albert wearing the 1893 collar 4) Another picture of what might be the "real" collar, not a model to it: 5) Text about Albert getting the collar: I have still a few questions i couldn't find an answer: 1) Why are there at least two different grand master crosses? Where is the black-and-white-photograph-one today? (or was it lost/destroyed?) 2)Where is the chain/collar that King Albert received 1893 today? (or was it lost/destroyed?) 3) Did Kaiser Wilhelm II really receive a special grand cross? If yes, are there pictures of it and where is it today? (or was it lost/destroyed?) I couldn't find a photograph where Wilhelm II is wearing his grand cross, if You know one feel free to share.
  6. I read: "Zur Erinnerung an gemeinsames Wirken im Felde von ihren(m?) dankbaren Kommandanten" 18. 2. 1917 ??? (18. 12. 1917 very unlikely)
  7. 😅 That's an interesting text about the 50-years military jubilee of King Albert: (From: Monarchiejubiläen im 19. Jahrhundert, by Simone Mergen)
  8. Another interesting St.-Henry piece is the chain or collar to the grand cross that was made for Albert in honor of his 50-years army jubilee Here's a picture of a model: King Albert wearing the chain: Does anyone know where the chain is now - or if it was lost?
  9. I've heard that too, but I think it's exaggerated. It's pretty hard to put a price on it What I really hope is that they don't break the pieces, regrind the jewels and melt down the metal, that would be horrific.
  10. As You might already have heard, there were pieces stolen from the Green Vault in Dresden today. I haven't found a full list of the missing items yet, but one of the stolen items seems to be this fantastic insignia of the Polish Order of the White Eagle: That's the showcase they broke into - there is still not much information how much they took out of it: I am not sure if the German imperial forum this is the right place to post this - but as the theft happened in Dresden it might be Nevertheless I hope the pieces come back...
  11. I am no expert in Bavarian orders, but isn't it that back in the day the 4th class was silver and the 3rd class gold? Later in the war the gold-awards were made out of gilded silver. So it was easy to distinguish the classes - gold: 3rd class, silver: 4th class, For us collectors it is not that easy, the gilding wears out over the time, so former silver gilded ones appear silver, and it is easy to increase the value by gilding silver 4th classes to let them look like 3rd classes, so the screwed in flames is something to look at for collectors to distinguish.
  12. How strict where the criteria for getting the Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - did homefront guys who weren't under direct fire receive it too? How far away from the front did you have to be to only get the Kriegsteilnehmer one without swords? Nevertheless, could it be that maybe there was a cross without swords on the bar and a pre-owner restored it with a sword one? And again, not every soldier did get the EKII (only a third to half - approximately?)
  13. First here the regiments of the 29. Inf.-Brigade during WW1: That's there entry in the Gothaisches genealogisches Taschenbuch der gräflichen Häuser from 1893 So there are some other guys, and sure he could have been born later At 5. 2) is Your guy I hope that could help a bit... Kind regards
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