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  1. First, what an amazing group ... heaven't seen this thread before ... this huge photographs are incredible! Second (about last post), the bar an the picture is a different one isn't it?
  2. Thanks for the further information, didn't see the one on the left... ­čśů They look great
  3. I recently added this picture to my collection. It's an major of the 3rd W├╝rttembergian infantry regiment Nr. 121 I think it should be possible to identify him. I tried it myself, but wasn't able to find a post 1914 ranklist online He is wearing: EK2 1914 W├╝rttembergischer MVO (Ritterkreuz) Friedrichs-Orden Ritterkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwertern ??? An EK - equivalent - which one ??? Bayrischer MVO III.Klasse mit Schwertern und Krone ??? S├Ąchsischer Albrechtsorden Ritter 2.Klasse Bremer Hanseatenkreuz EK1 1914 Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz
  4. They were long worn side by side ... epaulettes to the Paradeanzug (parade dress), the Gesellschaftsanzug (formal dress?), Galaanzug (gala dress); Achselst├╝cke to the other dresses. With the new Friedensuniform 1915 they were abandoned even with the parade dress as mentioned in the posts before Threre also exists the gestickter Waffenrock (embroidered tunic) that was worn till around 1900(? I am shure another member knows the exact date) that was worn by generals to the parade dress and gala dress, that had its own shoulder parts:
  5. Just saw this picture of Zar Ferdinand of Bulgaria Source: Dorotheum, Vienna, auction from the 23rd of May 2018
  6. Indeed, there aren't many recipients, do You know the original recipient of yours? Great work! looks very nice. Kind regards!
  7. Very nice pieces shown so far! I really like this austrian golden merit cross with crown. It's a nice variation. The von Pentz ribbon bar is stunning, for shure one of the best ones out there! My favorite ribbon bar is this one to Oberstleutnant Gerog Hoffmann (wasn't it once yours Deruelle?) Kind regards!
  8. @laurentius Thanks for showing! Would be interesting if this was more common during the first half of the 19th century...
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