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    Interested in rarer Finnish orders. Dont hesitate to contact! jamipe@hotmail.com

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  1. Is there good social media forum where is discussed about imperial russian shoulder boards?
  2. Sorry to hear that What is this then if not influencing the price?
  3. Why this interesting thread seems to be dead now.......
  4. Book by Petteri Leino Kunniamerkkikeräilijän opas ( Guide for order collectors) says that the price range for Cross of liberty 1st class with swords 1939 is 1500-1800 euros. At the moment there is publicly for sale Cross of Liberty 1st class without swords 1941 which was awarded 22 times. It has minor enamel damages. It comes with original case of issue. Asking price for that is 2100 euros.
  5. I am also interested in buying that if you plan to sell it one day. Have to have competitor for Johan))
  6. Interesting! Is it possible to have pictures of it?
  7. Hello, I am interested in buying finnish Order of Liberty with breast star. Let me know if you have that kind of item for sale or you know someone is possibly selling that. Thank you in advance
  8. Hi, has anyone here been collecting those or seen for sale? I would be interested to buy those if anyone plans to sell. best regards Janne
  9. Forgot to ask before if you can kindly tell me which units and ranks those shoulder boards are.....
  10. Hello Johan! Yes, that one in prenikka I know. That is true that most of them went to the germans. But they come up surprisingly rarely in the auctions. Or at least in those what I have been following. But let's see what will come up))
  11. Hi, does anyone know if there are for sale order of the Lion of Finland or order of the White Rose of Finland with swords? Let me know if you know. best regards Janne
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