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    Interested in rarer Finnish orders. Dont hesitate to contact) jamipe@hotmail.com

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  1. Forgot to ask before if you can kindly tell me which units and ranks those shoulder boards are.....
  2. Hello Johan! Yes, that one in prenikka I know. That is true that most of them went to the germans. But they come up surprisingly rarely in the auctions. Or at least in those what I have been following. But let's see what will come up))
  3. Hi, does anyone know if there are for sale order of the Lion of Finland or order of the White Rose of Finland with swords? Let me know if you know. best regards Janne
  4. Hmmm.......was that pic already removed???
  5. Very nice!!!! Where you can find those kind of shoulder boards......
  6. Very interesting collection! Is it on private sale or in auction? And what is asking price?
  7. Looking very nice!!! Yes, i know that in prenikka. Thanks for it.
  8. Hello Johan! Hopefully getting better! You had good catch!!!! If you get information that someone sells that or or liberty cross 1939 3rd with red cross let me know, please!)) Get well!
  9. Hello Johan! So what kind of cross did you buy? Curious to see.....)
  10. Ah, that would be really nice to see........even tough it will be killing me:))))
  11. Nice looking cross!!! And in very good condition!!! Did you find it from Finland or Sweden?
  12. Hello Johan! I know it is getting harder. Here in Finland was sold some months ago breast star of grand cross of Liberty cross. I dont remember if it was with swords. But hammer price was over 6000 euros. I have not had any luck with Liberty crosses recently....... But curious to see what have bought!
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