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  1. Hi, does anyone has pictures what kind of uniform , headgear and shoulder boards Prussian Jägerbatallion 27 had during WW1?
  2. So sorry to hear about Chip's death. I was wondering why he isnt replying to my e-mails. We had earlier few deals about Russian imperial shoulder boards. And we were continuing that. Hopefully his collections will be taken care well!
  3. Anyone possibly selling Russian imperial shoulder boards?
  4. Hellou! Does anyone know the service history of 16th Finnish Infantry regiment?
  5. Yes, I know that. It made me actually to make this topic.
  6. Does anyone have for sale Estonian Cross of Liberty? If yes, please send me private message.
  7. Hellou, hopefully you can make better pics. It looks bit strange. The Red cross side looks so polished and the year side dirty. And the part under number 91 looks flat. It should not be like that. (Hopefully understand what I mean) And under that part should be silver stamps. For example Sporring made those medals.
  8. Hi, I found this lot in one auction. Can some one tell more about the Finnish regiments? How those were formated and were those part of larger units? And where they were located?
  9. Seems that bar is bit mysterious. I dont have so much experience of Swedish miniatyr bars. But is those orders are in the correct order? I mean Vasa comes before the Swedish Patriotic Society medal, Finland, Germany etc. In general is it common to have that kind semi-official medal in these kind of bars?
  10. That last medal is Skånska Länsmannens Centralförening. So it must be unofficial medal. Cross of Liberty Crosses with red cross are normally without swords. One exeption is one Cross of Liberty 2nd Class with red cross and swords. That 2nd class was awarded to person who was in charge of the office of war prisoners.
  11. The bar doesnt look like its fixed......but of course everything can be possible. I bought it from auction. Most interesting for me is that Finnish Cross of Liberty 3rd class with red cross 1939 miniatyr. With same deal came also the real size order. That order was awarded only 48 times and mainly to doctors or persons who had something to do with hospitals and medicine during the Winter war.
  12. Hello! Is this pair of shoulder boards genuine or not. It looks odd. For example button is lower than those which I have. And was in imperial Russian shoulder boards used metallic stars of ranks? Would be grateful for comments!
  13. Thank you for your comment. What else is good to keep in mind when looking russian shoulder boards if it's fake or not?
  14. Hello! Thank you for your answers! Of course always you can tell me more about. When on shoulder board is initials like N(icholas) II does it always mean that he is the honorary commander of that unit?
  15. Thank you! What about the colours of the shoulder boards. In upper picture there are blue, red, orange and grey. Those indicate which branches of the army?
  16. Hello! Those who have better knowledge can you identify these shoulder boards? In the middle picture, second shoulder board from the right. I think in that should be printed the crown and the insignia of Nicholas II.
  17. Is there good social media forum where is discussed about imperial russian shoulder boards?
  18. Sorry to hear that What is this then if not influencing the price?
  19. Book by Petteri Leino Kunniamerkkikeräilijän opas ( Guide for order collectors) says that the price range for Cross of liberty 1st class with swords 1939 is 1500-1800 euros. At the moment there is publicly for sale Cross of Liberty 1st class without swords 1941 which was awarded 22 times. It has minor enamel damages. It comes with original case of issue. Asking price for that is 2100 euros.
  20. I am also interested in buying that if you plan to sell it one day. Have to have competitor for Johan))
  21. Interesting! Is it possible to have pictures of it?
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