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  1. What kind of a two place bar are you talking about? Can you be a little more specific? Are there any specific bars on which these two ribbons would fit to? I'm not a native english speaker so I'm not exactly sure what are you talking about.
  2. I've been awarded these two medals durring my two balkans tours. First one is the new tipe of NATO Non-article 5 Balkans medal and the second is the well known EU ALTHEA ESDP medal. For the last 2 years I've been trying to find someone who could make me a complete ribbon bar with both Althea and Balkans ribbon bar pins for my mess dress uniform but so far I couldn't find anyone who would actually have these ribbon bar pins in stock (the original firm that makes these doesn't accept paypal so they can't help me). Particullary the new Balkans medal seems to be extremely rare. Which is strange,
  3. Yes this was the one. It was also listed here in the marketplace. It is impossible to sell anything soviet lately, unless it's for an "incredible price" It is unbelievable, how soviet awards lost their value in the last few years. Anyway, it's gone now and it was my last soviet award. Time to move on.
  4. This was sold before anyone posted any replys. Thanks anyway.
  5. Hi guys, I just need a few "thumbs up" (or "thumbs down" ) for a potencial buyer. Seriously, could you guys comment a little about originality of this piece... I'm sure it's authentic but I need a few independent opinions. Thanks!
  6. Here is a better pic of this beautiful award. Those that were previously posted are horrible. I still haven't got the actual translations, even after more than a year...
  7. Thank you for your help Koopyetz. As for citation, I have seen better citations for Medals for bravery and military merits, than this. I must say I expected something more spectacular, as it's a rather high order.
  8. Here it is, my pride in my soviet collection. Finnaly researched after one year of waiting. However, G. has the electronic translations and I can't seem to reach him via email. He's probably traveling again. So I would like to ask someone to do a brief translation for my jewel. Award card front:
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