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  1. Hello can anyone confirm the authenticity of this Odessa medal. It has lots of gilding on it as well as a soldered ring but it has aspects of version 2 on the Mondvor site. I do not know much about the Mondvor site but is it possible that the images on version 2 could have the soldered rings of version 1. There must have been a few factorys and stamps producing these medals which would allow for variations to the two shown on the Mondvor site. Thank you for your help. Frank Odessa reverse Odessa neck ring
  2. Hi Nick thank you for your opinion, I was unsure about it as I have seen these badges with different designed aircraft. Are there any references online similar to the Mondvor site where badges and their variations can be studied. Thank you Frank
  3. Hello I have posted this on an older link in the forum but I thought it might get a quicker response here. Do you think this is a copy. Thank you Frank Here is the reverse of the badge. Thank you Frank
  4. Here is the rear of the badge. Thanks Frank
  5. Hello I just bought this Red Star and it seems different to any other one i have. It has a depression in the middle of the award that extends to the base of the stars 'fingers/arms'. I have looked on the reference site but the awards in this serial number range do not show marked depressions in the center. If i run my finger over some others i have in this range then they appear almost flat from center pin to edge of stars arm. This one has a depression then rises sharply at the base of the arm then flat to the outer edge. The screwed nut is also different. I tried a silver nut on the award but it was tight. You can see in the second pic that there are concentric rings at the base of the arm, this is where the 'ramp' is. Are these marks evidence of a press tool. Do you think this is a copy. Thank you Frank Hello the pic shows extra bits on 2 of the characters. Would this be possible if this was a genuine award. Thanks Frank Hello the pic shows the screwed nut. Thanks Frank The enamel shows signs that are similar to flaking glass. I presume this is correct for genuine enamel. Thanks Frank Hello the screw post does not seem to be attached to the award in the same way as the others I have and you can see the difference in the center sections height in relation to the arms. Thank you Frank
  6. Hello here is the reverse as you can see the stamping has an angular shape to the characters.. I do have close ups of the stamping but they will have to be separate posts due to the pic size. Thanks Frank Hello here is the front of the order. As you can see it has been highly polished and I think a coat of clear lacquer has been applied to keep it shiny. It looks authentic when inspected with a magnifying glass my only concern is the profile of the stamps used on the mint mark. Thank you Frank Hello Stamp detail Hello more stamp detail. Notice how the stamp leaves a narrow point at the base while the earlier stamps leave a more rounded 'point' at the base. It may be perfectly correct and I am just being an anorak, but I would like to know if the profile of the stamps changed between the two versions of this award. Thank you Frank
  7. Hello can anyone tell me if this is an original badge it looks different from Japan X post 3. Thank you Frank
  8. Hello Bill it looks like a very nice set. I have an award with the number close to yours but I have a question about it. I realize that this may be better in a separate thread but it relates to the mint stamp on the award. Could you post a magnified pic of the stamping so that I can compare it with mine. The reason I ask is that I have 2 awards of version 1 and the mint mark has a rounded profile to the stamp but the version 2 award has a mint stamp that has an angular stamp profile. I just want to make sure that it is not a fake as all other aspects of the award are OK it is just the profile of the stamp that I am concerned about. As the other awards are earlier versions it may not be correct to check it against them but as your award is a version 2 and the serial number is close to mine it would be perfect to compare with. I have tried to upload a picture but it is bigger than 2MB so I will try again later after I reduce the picture. Thank you Frank
  9. Hello Tomasz I have a similar one that someone has removed the original ring and soldered a new ring on to try to turn it into an early one. The thing that I was looking at to see if it was genuine was the top arm of the 'K'. The 'K' on mine, and it looks like yours, the arm appears to be straight while I am lead to believe that the top arm of the 'K' should have a curve in it. it is hard to see on the Mondvor site unless you can magnify the picture. Can anyone confirm that my observation is correct. Cheers Frank
  10. Thank you for the reply John. I think I will return it to the seller. I only bought it on an impulse as it has been 20 years since I last bought German badges or medals. I have added a picture of the ID tag for your curiosity. I used to have lots of uniforms, helmets, guns and munitions until owning working guns became illegal. How I wish I had kept the stuff as the prices today are astronomical. I do have some German medals left so I may post pictures on the forum to see if they are original. I have a screw-back iron cross and a Narvic shield as well as Kuban and Krim plus some badges. At the moment I am collecting Russian awards so I think I will keep away from the German stuff. Thank you Frank
  11. Hello I am new to this forum and i have a question about the liklyhood of a fake ID tag. I have a ID tag marked as SS-Totenkopf PanzerJager Erzats Kompanie 6. The actual ID tag has the markings abbreviated but the above is a correct reading of them. Does anyone know if there were 6 replacement Kompanies for the Totenkopf Panzerjager Abtilung. I suspect it is a made up unit as i can only find reference to 3 Kompanies. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Frank
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