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  1. Hello and Thanks for your explanations and images. Interesting. and, if there were other Badges are issued for others personal ? Good Luck. Alex.
  2. Dear Erich Hello and Thanks for your input, in spite of it turned out a sad news but expected one. Good Luck. Alex.
  3. Hello and Thanks for your comments. Sorry though. It was a request made on behalf of friend of mine, but I myself became curious about these type of tinnies. as far, as I caught this Badge can be attributed to the RLB- unit recon. pilot ? is it rare piece ? are there some issued to others ranks ? Will be great to have a look at others. Thanks again. Good Luck. Alex. PS: the added images told everything itself. Great looking. Thanks for sharing
  4. Hello, Whom it belonged to ? is it worth to stay with ? Thank you in advance. Alex.
  5. Hello, I'm interesting in your comments, thoughts, opinions are regarding to this Badge. It belongs to friend of mine and he is not quite comfortable with it. Thank you in advance. Alex.
  6. Hello, I came across with this citation I've been offered. never seen before, such field-made version. were they really issued at the very end of the War ? fortunately, it wasn't offered is accompanying with the Cross itself I suppose, in this case it looks as absolutely unbelievable thing ? Thank you in advance. Alex.
  7. Hello, I'm in the line too. Thanks for a good advice to apply to Roger Bender, However, if there any chance to get a few are signed by Author Will prefer this way. Dear Gordon, have to say I'll be proud ? Good Luck. Alex.
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