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  1. Long Cecil is a single cannon, designed for Kimberley. Cecil John Long [CJL] ie a Cecil John LongTom ?? <<< just a guess with reference to the comment above -P. of L.T.S." stands for "Piece of Long Tom Shell". Similar Maltese crosses were produced for the Armoured Train Disater, stamped with the initials "A.T.D." and "FRERE 15.11.99 [by Neville_C]
  2. Hello, Please help. I have stumbled on an interesting piece of material which purports to be ABW related. In fact it seem to point to a possible scenario of intelligence gather going back before the date of the document [01/08/1899]. The intelligence gathered seems to be regarding maps & crossing etc for troop movements. The document is signed [Major H.Adye] with the date 01/08/1899. As I am sure you know, the October 1899 start of the Anglo--Boer War is roughly two months later and the information gathered would require some time. Thus it creates a dilemma of prior planning. Much appreciate any trace info or help on Major H. Adye (that is all I have got). Transvaal area 1899. See Attachment Thank you
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