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  1. Hi, please can anyone advise/confirm who the mounted gentleman are in this photo (Kaiser Wilhelm II notwithstanding!), and suggest where/when it may have been taken. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Laurentius - thanks for the info. I'm really hoping to find a photo or other image of Fritz to definitely confirm the identity that has been kindly suggested to me for my portrait. Kind regards, DrDwarf
  3. Hi - I have a portrait of an Imperial German Kürassier officer that I am advised is Fritz Von Boddien (see attached images). He was Commander of Kürassier-Regiment „Graf Wrangel“ (Ostpreußisches) Nr. 3 in c. 1901/02, and the portrait shows him sporting his 1870/71 Iron Cross, second class, and his Greek Merit Order of the Redeemer. I am seeking any photographs or other images to compare against my portrait to hopefully confirm this identification. Any other information about Von Boddien would also be most welcome. Many thanks in advance.
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