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  1. Booklets are in the house : Price for Netherlands 13,50 postage included (only via bank NO PAYPAL) Price outside Netherlands 19,00 postage included (cash of Paypal)
  2. I am looking for grave photographs of unknown soldiers buried around the World so if you are living near a CWGC grave location, or run into some during a Holiday, they would be most welcome. onbekenden Wereld.xlsx
  3. You mean lipman-kessel, no he is not in the booklet as he survived the war and was buried on the civilian cemetery when he died, these are Arnhem Battle casualties.
  4. Available in January 2019, 53 pages, more then 3 photographs, and never published information, A5 format, price not yet known but probably between 13-15 euro, postage not included
  5. Received them from Arnhem veterans through out the years of Arnhem research (39 years)
  6. We raised money for a little monument years ago, every year since, before Arnhem week, we go clean it up, lay a wreath, others have added, wreaths every year.
  7. https://www.arnhem1944themissingones.com/missing-soldiers-in-the-netherlands-1940-1945-allied-german-and-axis/
  8. Thanks for the add, I am always looking for information and documentation, regarding any missing soldiers in the Netherlands during the period 1944-1945. https://www.arnhem1944themissingones.com/missing-soldiers-in-the-netherlands-1940-1945-allied-german-and-axis/ Thanks in advance, also open for any questions or remarks.
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