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  1. Well Done. I never seen box before. Navy parade epaulette are not very common either. I accidentally come across your photo, which is 10 years old. Also I've seen your name on ebay.
  2. Hi David try through Serbian facebook medals forums. It is not very often to find and usually cost up to 600 US.
  3. It is nice grouping, however it has couple mismatches as was outlined in couple comments. There is the list of all holders of Partizan commemorative medals available somewhere on web. Then under 688 you will find his name. There is another option where you can do research through wikipedia under the list of SFRJ or Tito WWII Generals then find out by born place. Good luck.
  4. I've been buying through ebay and David's web site Falera for almost 3 years. Found that is very diligent and honest seller. Always respond and even further explain. Very knowledgeable about medals and history from Balkan states.
  5. Hi Gents, It looks that was made from original parts. Peter II could not go on Kingdom Serbia kokarda. The Peter II was taken from Varazdin type of Kingdom Yugoslavia kokarda.
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