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  1. Thank you so much for the reply! I had no idea that Sout American countries make these helmets out of "vulkanfiber". Having seen your post i did remember that i knew that licences were issued by Germany, but it hadn't crossed my mind. Did some quick google search, found this: https://m.ebay.ie/itm/German-m35-40-Vulcanised-fiber-Vulkanfiber-Parade-helmet-complete-RARE-/201916165530?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1 It appears to be the same type of helmet as the one o have, mine has 05 on the rim, i dont much trust ebay descriptions, but is it true, were these also made in Ger
  2. Good evening, today i had the pleasure of buying an item which was incredibly strange to me, any idea what in God's name it is, it appears to be a Stahlhelm made out of cooked leather or some sort of wooden material i do not collect Reich militaria but this was so interesting to me i could not pass it up..... photos attached, any info would be lovely, weather its a display piece, fake or anything else.... It has a steel rim and the inner part appears quite old and original but the material of the helmet itself looks to be cooked leather or some sort of wood. There seems to also be
  3. Hi, would anyone be willing to be so kind and show some quality copies to avoid of the "good" Lenin? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, for years now i have had trouble registering on the forum soviet-awards, now, i am being offered two rare soviet awards, is there anyone who can help me with fakes, i have a lot of literature but i wanted to use that forum's library of fakes just to re-assure myself before buying as it is usually out of my realm, so if anyone who has access to that forum and is willing to help could contact me i would be very grateful, Thanks in advance, Best regards, Stefan
  5. Thanks a lot Cyril, ill see if i can get some more info, but thank you so much for all your help!
  6. this is why i posted it here, i would really be surprised to hear it is a fake, as no other has surfaced, if it is mappin and webb, maybe a first type? and i wouldn't think Italians would be making it due to the occupation... maybe a replaced suspension? although i have not seen a suspension like this, i have little literature on Ethiopian medals, any book you would recommend Cyril? best regards, Stefan
  7. i was curious bcause i know Bertnand made them as well, i've seen both Bertnand and Mappin pieces but never with this suspension, also i have not seen a fake before so i do not think it is a fake, but for instance i will attach a picture of a mappin and webb piece, it looks different...
  8. Thanks a lot for the reply Sampo , i've never seen one with that before but somehow i was thinking the same
  9. Hi, i've been watching a star of Ethiopia on ebay these past couple of days, i've never seen one with a loop like that, anyone know the manufacturer?
  10. Seeheld, ive looked into it, i think you may be right, it looks identical on the post you commented on a few years ago, thank you so much for the help!
  11. i will attempt to contact the buyer of the awards via private message, maybe he will agree to take a picture of the impression... so we will possibly know more but im not too optimistic about that line of research, i can link the auction but i reuploaded here the best pictures there were two more but also poor quality sadly... yeah, i guessed as much, but from my research into emedals, i have found that a similar box was used only on the order of the golden flame, albeit, it is a box only for the star of the order and is much smaller with blue inlay but the style of the box is the same
  12. Sadly, it didn't come home to me either, but it went for not a lot, if had found out or at least seen it earlier, i would have bid on it but i had no idea what was it for and saw it just yesterday before it sold... i'm still very interested to hear and find out what was it for, i do not recall ever seeing a Godet case with red interior, certainly not for the German orders, does anyone know what countries Godet manufactured for?
  13. Hi Vince, thanks for the reply, that was my guess as well, any idea which country i could start from, i have been browsing emedals but to no avail, its quite a curiosity to me...
  14. Good afternoon everyone, a case for what i believe to be a grand cross made by Godet has just sold on a Serbian website, would anyone know what this case is for? i have not seen any like it before... Thanks in advance, best regards, Stefan
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