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  1. LManz

    What is this medal

    Thank you again!
  2. LManz

    What is this medal

    Thank you, everyone!
  3. LManz

    What is this medal

    Do you think it has any value to a collector or museum?
  4. LManz

    What is this medal

    What year do you think this was minted? 1907? Thank you!! This has been really helpful to my understanding of what it is. All these years, I thought it had something to do with the Korean War!
  5. LManz

    What is this medal

    My father brought it back from Korea in 1951. Any ideas what it might be?
  6. Can anyone provide information about this picture? This is a distant great-great uncle. What is it a picture of? About what year might this have been taken? Is it definitely a Stahlhelm uniform? Is there a rank noted? Do the numbers on the collar represent a reserve unit? What is the likelihood that the person in this picture would have become part of the SS? Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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