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  1. Thank you! There is an example of die Urkunde - that is very good.May be somebody has one with a name and a party number?
  2. I was trying to find some information about this plaquette,but didn't find anything. Does someone saw some awards documents for it or it listed in some catalogue,or in some award lists?
  3. Hello everybody! I have this medal - №1335. Some good person told me, that this medal was awarded Fritz Sießmayr, ''Jungsturm Adolf Hitler'' ,but I could not find any info about this man.Some photos or something else.Maybe somebody can help me with this?
  4. I think this award plaque can be here too.It is not a badge,but as I know,it was the same level award as a gau badges at that time.
  5. Very nice badges in this topic These are some of my collection.
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