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    I collect WWI Medals, Early Aviation memorabilia, Postcards from the trenches, Red Cross Medals, and want to learn how to read old German calligraphy.
    I also enjoy identifying Makers marks and Hallmarks on all types of medals.

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  1. What an interesting piece. Is that for the red cross? Well I guess I can assume that if the ribbon came with a pin then it's likely that it was original or from the period more or less. I've found that it's hard to find the pins at all apparently. I'm glad I have these ones.
  2. Very interesting! I've never had a 1939 version. BTW yours looks spectacular
  3. I have three pins attached to some ribbons of mine and was wondering if there were period or attached latter? Sorry for the really niche specific question but if anyone can answer this question it's you! ~Ravs
  4. Other than the normal gold letters on the top of the box there’s no other inscriptions on the rear of the case. Did you mean around the hinges when you said “back of the case” Also Thank You so much for helping me with the name of the marking on the cross. I’ve never seen one of these with a marking before. Any clue as to the time period? The case looks like it has the Meiji style lettering on top. I very much appreciate your input. all the best, Ravs
  5. Okay here are better pictures with my macro lens and higher resolutions Submitting them one at a time because of file size...
  6. I love this cross so much. Just stunning medal. I was taking photos of it and just happened to catch a marking in between its arms. I've never seen a mark on one of these before. I hope someone can identify what it means. Thanks, Ravs
  7. Yes it is a WILM mark, your eyes are just as good =D
  8. Hello gents, I recently acquired a batch of EKIIs in various conditions. This one stood out by far as the most pristine EKII I've ever seen. Just wanted to run it past you all here. Thanks, Ravs
  9. Which regiment is it? I'm looking to move into shoulder board collecting too but it's a WHOLE other world to my humble medal collecting. Also congrats Chris!
  10. Greetings Gentlemen! I have my first piece of WWI Aviation history (at least I hope I do!) A shoulder board wing from what I believe is a Bavarian unit. Question! What do these small crosses on the bottom mean? Are they a type of makers mark or quality control mark? Also I noticed that one of the wings seems bent out of shape but I can find NO stress marks showing that it was bent in that direction. Was this a common occurrence that the wings were not symmetrical? All the best, Ravs
  11. Hi all, I realize my collection of WWI EKIIs has grown out of control with ribbon-less crosses. Does anyone know where to find some original ribbons? All the best, Ravs
  12. Thanks for the reference! Well mine doesn't have that watered look that your has. Also the blue stripes on mine are a lot wider. I don't have a UV bulb to test it but the material doesn't feel like silk. And the edges have a different weave to them. I am guessing it is an old replacement ribbon?
  13. It looks like just under 5 1/2 cm. Do you think it’s the Neck Ribbon then? It doesn't have a tie.
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