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  1. Hey everyone! I got this case for a WWI medal that has a hinge that might be rusted shut. The previous owner said she broke the lid off when trying to open it after decades in storage. I bought it as is in order to fix it myself. I’ve tried dabbing it with vinegar on a q-tip to remove some corrosion but to no avail. Having said that, there does t appear to be too much rust on the outside so perhaps it’s more corroded along the pin? I feel like the next step is to somehow take the hinge off the box and soak it instead but I am worried that it’ll look horrendous after I somehow tack it back on. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks so much, ~Ravs
  2. I was lucky enough to get a BB&B era Silver Star but it didn't come with a ribbon nor brooch. After over a month of research and finding the right materials I was able to find a period ribbon and a split wrap brooch for the medal. What do you think of the work? I can always redo it.
  3. As a kid my dad and I played Red Baron on the computer and I dreamed of someday just seeing these medals in person. Now I collect them and teach world history to my own kid! Sorry they aren't arranged in order of precedence. From Left to Right Hanseatic Cross - Lubeck Hanseatic Cross - Hamburg Iron Cross 2nd Class Marked V Iron Cross Ribbon with Cross device Iron Cross 1st Class Marked KO Black Wound Badge Bavarian Merit Cross with Swords and Crown marked Weiss & Co Honor Cross (Hindenburg cross) for Combatants Marked JK Oldenburg Friedrich August Cross 2nd Class Early Iron Version In future I hope to get the Hanseatic Bremen Cross, Wurttemburg Bravery Medal, the Bavarian Order of Military Merit Cross and the Order of Hohenzollern Cross. And of course a PLM but that's probably a pipe dream =D
  4. Yeah Test club 2 is the worst. Long live test club 1!
  5. Thanks so much Peter! I've reached out to him just now on FB. Lets see what this mystery unfolds....
  6. Hello All, I have a trio of medals from PTE. William Stoodley #9223 of the 2nd Dorsetshire Regiment. I know that the 2nd Dorsets were captured at Kut on April 29th 1916 and out of 350 only 70 survived captivity. I have been researching Pte. Stoodley and found on three sites that he is listed as a POW but I haven't been able to find a direct source that proves it. I have checked the Weekly Causualty list of returned POWs from 1917-1919, the Red Cross POW lists, and many other places but have not found anything with his name on it. Does anyone know where I can find something from the War Office or medical records/ military records that directly says he was Captured at Kut? Thanks so much, Ravs
  7. Hi all, I came across these Belgian Pilots wings from WWI. The funny thing is that I haven't found any photos of them during the First World War. All I found were cloth or bullion badges on the left arm of Belgian pilots during the war. Could this be a commemorative pair of wings like the Zeppelin badges were for Germany after the War? In any case I really like them and love how the wings are like "chain links" The pattern seems to match the "Bullion" style of the badge. What do you guys think or know?
  8. Just wanted to say what an amazing case!
  9. Thank you so much for this information. 😃
  10. Thanks, Do you happen to know what time period did they manufactured this medal? Thank you for identifying the workshop. Hopefully Nick will add to this too. all the best, Rav
  11. Hi all, I recent got this Sacred Treasure 6th Class in unbelievable condition. Looking at the makers mark it appears to be Zohei-kyoku (Japan mint) in Osaka,Japan? Is that the same as the "M" mark? or is it from a different maker and time period? I read on this forum that the M mark is from 1931 and later. Is my mark that same or earlier? Thanks, Rav Some more photos for beauty.
  12. Thank you so much for this translation. It had been hounding me for quite a long time. So his shoulder board may mean that he was either a ground administrator or crew? I assumed he was a pilot because of the EKII ribbon. But he does look a bit "old" to be a pilot. Thanks again, Rav Thank you so much! I love the Bavarian Air Units especially Jasta 5 (Green Tails). I hope I find someone who has ancestry access to find out who he was with. What does Feldflieger mean in terms of his shoulder board? I have heard of the FFA but I am not well knowledged in shoulder boards. Thank you for the info, it's all going into my notes 😃
  13. Hello! I have a post card taken just days before the Battle of the Ardennes in 1914 From the fieldpost stamp and the date I am guessing they are in the 4th Army about to enter Belgium and wanted to send off a fond farewell to their families or pals back home. Looks like they had expected to reach Paris. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks, Ravs
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