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    I collect WWI Medals, Early Aviation memorabilia, Postcards from the trenches, Red Cross Medals, and want to learn how to read old German calligraphy.
    I also enjoy identifying Makers marks and Hallmarks on all types of medals.

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  1. Wow that helps a ton! Thanks so much for this. I had only thought the crown was only for a second award but it looks like it was also based on rank. I really appreciate this. That whole thread is very interesting to read.
  2. Thanks for the clarification on the officer/nco bit. I don't know why I thought the upper two were awarded to officers. But yeah I would love to know which ranks qualified for the 1st and 2nd class!
  3. Hello Everyone! I have been trying to figure out who were awarded the "gold" 1st Class Bavarian Military Merit cross in WWI. I know that the 1st and 2nd classes were awarded to officers but which ones were regulated to which ones? Also does anyone know how many of the 1st class were awarded in WWI? Thanks, Ravs
  4. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I know that during the First World War there were some Belgian decorations made by the French. Does anyone know if this means it was awarded to a French person or just that since the Germans occupied 95% of Belgium it was made in France.
  5. Hello Gents! I noticed that this Order of the Crown also lacks a "tie" in the wreath which is something I've only seen in "commanders" orders. This is also the first time I've seen a makers mark on ANY Belgian medal. Usually I can identify orders by other means or by the box it came in but this one has been a total mystery to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ~Ravs
  6. Here is a picture of him from before the war. The number on his epaulettes seem to be 66 or 68. I am not familiar with regiments just yet but I'd love to find out. Pardon me if my old German is wrong but on the back it says " Uniform from before the War" I actually don't know what the first word there says but after that is "Linen"? Yeah I see the ribbon for the long service medal is very similar to this last ribbon. The one before that I wonder if that is another Bavarian Military Merit medal but without crown? I've seen bars with two Bav crosses, one with crown and then one they had
  7. Thanks again for your help! I am very happy with this photo. I also have a photo of him from before the war. His mustache is one of the best I've seen!
  8. Thanks for the response! I know what you are saying about the Crowns on the tunic but I believe in 1916 most of the German armies were required to use the Crowns instead of the lions. Having said that, I read that a while back but have no sources to back that up. Here is the whole photo and the back. Thanks so much for the response. ~Rav
  9. Hello Gents! The back of the photo is dated 1916. I believe this is a Bavarian bar including EKII, Wurtemburg bravery medal? , Bavarian Military Merit Cross with swords device ?, UNKNOWN (wild guess is Hamburg but I doubt it), and Prussian Red Cross medal? The last one also looks like an Honor Cross but since the photo was dated 1916 and the uniform looks wartime I suspect it is a ribbon that has similar colors. The name of the soldier is Eckle and after looking up where that name is most common, sources show Wurtemburg which led me to believe the second medal was the bravery medal.
  10. Hello again Gents! I am having trouble with the first name here. I think the Last name is Eckle? And the first name starts with an H and please correct me if I am wrong but it appears to end with a “u”? Thanks so much, I’m trying to do these myself but the old script can be a bit challenging.
  11. Wow thank you very much! What a great piece of text! Usually postcards just say “Just writing to say hello and tell mother that I got her package. All is well here. Tell brother I said hi.” but this was a nice snapshot of the common dangers and bravery. Thank you gents!
  12. Hello Gents! I am hoping I could get some help with this postcard. I know it's a lot but I would appreciate any help even if it is just in German! Thanks, Rav
  13. Hey everyone! I got this case for a WWI medal that has a hinge that might be rusted shut. The previous owner said she broke the lid off when trying to open it after decades in storage. I bought it as is in order to fix it myself. I’ve tried dabbing it with vinegar on a q-tip to remove some corrosion but to no avail. Having said that, there does t appear to be too much rust on the outside so perhaps it’s more corroded along the pin? I feel like the next step is to somehow take the hinge off the box and soak it instead but I am worried that it’ll look horrendous after I somehow ta
  14. I was lucky enough to get a BB&B era Silver Star but it didn't come with a ribbon nor brooch. After over a month of research and finding the right materials I was able to find a period ribbon and a split wrap brooch for the medal. What do you think of the work? I can always redo it.
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