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  1. I’m doing research for British regiments in WWI and it looks like the wartimememoryproject site has lots of useful info but it’s behind a pay wall. I just wanted to see if it’s worth paying a subscription to this site or if it’s either bogus or no longer maintained. thanks, Rav
  2. Thanks, those documents solved it for me! So first he was in the 1/5th Battalion then sometime later was transferred to the 10th, when the 10th disbanded in early 1918 he went to the 6th battalion! Thank you so much for that. Now I just need to figure out when he went from the 5th to the 10th because I have a good Idea when he went to the 6th. This is the fun part of medal collecting and getting help from you guys makes it even better. So glad I found this forum last year ~Rav
  3. Yeah I was thrown by that too and only learned of it when I got these medals. I’d love to collect some Canadian ones at some point. Especially from units that served at Pashendale and Vimy Ridge.
  4. I believe he was a pte when he qualified for the star and then was later promoted. This is usually the case where the early medal is stamped with the rank he had at that time. the blue asterisk shows that he qualified for the war medal and victory medal as a cpl. He must have not liked seeing pte still on his star so he changed it himself.
  5. Hello all! I have a trio of medals from Cpl. Alfred Taylor 34159 of York and Lancaster Regiment. His medal card says he embarked to France on April 13th 1915 which lines up with either the 1/5th Battalion or the 1/4 Hallamshire Battalion. There is another document from Casualty Clearing Station #3 dated November 23, 1916 that says he was with the 10th Battalion. He was a Corporal at this time so I imagine he was transferred from his original battalion since the 10th arrived in France on Sept 11, 1915. The medal card was sent to me incomplete and torn so I’ve included all my research notes on it. Also Does anyone know how I could get a full copy of it to download and print? Luckily I got the clearing station info from a free Ancestry day. I wonder if there exists a picture of him and the regiment before the left for France. Is there a way to find out when he was promoted and transferred? Also the 10th Batt. was disbanded in February of 1918 so is there a way to know where he went from there? I’ve got a Y&L cap badge, Shoulder pin, and Tunic button to complement the medals. I plan on court mounting them later. Would love any help to complete my research on his service during the war. Thanks, Rav
  6. Hello fellas! Just got my first Military Merit Cross for $60. Despite the chip on the back I’m pretty happy with it. It has no makers mark on the suspension ring nor loop. Would this be a wartime award or one made post war? Thanks, Ravs
  7. I have medals from a soldier awarded the Bavarian Military Merit Cross and a Hanseatic Cross from Hamburg and was curious how this was achieved. I’m not asking for my specific case just wondering about the protocol. Like Was he from Bavaria and under the command of someone from Hamburg or did he save someone’s life who was from Hamburg? That sort of thing. Thanks, Rav
  8. Hey fellas, Recently I acquired this Hamburg Hanseatic Cross with a peculiar brooch clasp. Was this at all common? I’ve never seen this type of mount before. It appears to grasp the folded ribbon from the sides. It looks a bit shoddy if you ask me. I was concidering removing it but wanted to do some research first. So far I haven’t found any examples of this type of mount. Thanks, Rav
  9. Hi Hendrik, Thanks for responding. That’s interesting! Doing a little more research I’ve learned tha the Order of Leopold I had a French maker which added beautiful enamel’s to the crown. Are there any resources that show which French makers also made wartime Orders of Leopold II? I just found that Belgium’s Military Decoration had a French producer for a time and can be identified by a certain type of King Albert I insignia on the back. I have also noticed a couple versions of the Belgian Croix de Guerre “A” on the reverse. Perhaps one is a French manufacturer? Regards, Rav
  10. Hey everyone! Something just occurred to me today, since most of Belgium was under German occupation for most of the Great War, did Belgian jewelers make their medals after the war or somehow during the war?
  11. Hey! I'm new to the forums here and wanted start by showing off my first LoH. Not certain of the maker...Augis? (once saw a similar type in an Augis box) Only found a silver/gold hallmark. I used to be huge Aucoc fan till I saw the berries and double raised wreath on this one! Also what happened to the France section? Cheers
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