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  1. Diploma issued by the Samarkand oblast branch of the Uzbek Komsomolso to sergeant Kovba Romania Alekanovich, for excellent successes in combat and political training.
  2. Diploma issued to colonel Bokatov Dmitri Mikhailovich, by Senior group of Soviet military specialists in Iraq In connection with the 30th anniversary of the victories of the Soviet people and their armed forces in the Great Patriotic War and for the conscientious fulfillment of mission tasks This diploma was signed by General mayor Davidov. I don't find anything on Internet regarding soviet specialists in Iraq before Iraq/Iran war. Do you have informations regarding this group or the role plaid by General mayor Davidov?
  3. Central Committee of the Komsomol of Uzbekistan awards honour diploma to Kostenko A, Instructor in the department of Komsomol organizations, for his active participation in the gathering of cotton-sackers in 1957
  4. Central committee of the Komsomol of Uzbekistan awards honour diploma to Orlov Mitrofan Egorovich, duty mechanic at the Stalin Electro-Chemical Plant n 5 workshop for the successes achieved in socialist competition in 1953 Central Committee of the Komsomol of Uzbekistan awards honour diploma to Petrology A A, Coach in Lokomotiv, Samarkand, master of sports for his achievements in the development of physical culture and sports
  5. Belorussian Komsomol of Gomel oblast awards honour diploma to Bulgatova Tamara Ivanovna, driller in plant гомсельмаш, for high performance and active participation in the public life of the plant in honor of the 43rd anniversary of the great October
  6. Central Committee of the Armenian Komsomol rewards honour diploma to Arutunian Telman, From the Molotovsky District. For high production indices and conscious discipline during harvesting in the virgin lands of Kazakhstan Central Committee of the Armenian Komsomol rewards honour diploma to junior sergeant Stepanov Mikhail Mikhailovich, For excellent performance in combat and political training and active participation in the work of the Komsomol organization Apart from the fact it was issued in 1960 by the Central Committee of the Armenian Komsomol, I don't know anything more 😕 Difficult to find anyone speaking Armenian. ..
  7. Diploma issued to Chugunkovarious Rimmed Nikolaevich by the Akmolinsk branch of the Kazakh Komsomol For high rates of harvesting in the virgin lands of Kazakhstan in 1956 Diploma issued by the Central Committee of the Georgian Comsomol to Okhanachvili Dmitri Alekseevich at the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Тбиижт (?) named after V I Lenin for active work on the communist education of youth
  8. Central Committee of Turkmen Komsomol awards comrade Niazov Tanrikul, first secretary of the Turkmen Komsomol of Ashkabad, For active participation in landscaping and gardening of Ashgabat city, laying the alley of friendship and pioneer grove
  9. The youth branch of the kolkhoz "International" of the Bayram-Aly district awards this diploma to Patma Khasanov for the active participation and skillful leadership of Komsomol members and young people during the youth month for caring for cotton.
  10. Diploma delivered to Spiridonov (school 28 in Ashkabad) by Central C omitted of the Komsomol of Turkmenistan and People Commissariat of Education of the SSR of Turkmenistan For high performance in socialist competition in agricultural work for 1942
  11. Diploma issued to Chugunkova for fulfilling the technical norm in the pre-October socialist competition by 148%
  12. Thanks for these précisions Following another diploma issued by the MVD of the Bashir Assr to Chumkov: "For having achieved high performance in socialist competition, good labor discipline and exemplary behavior in 4th quarter 1957 Result achieved 150%" A little question: what mean "п/я УЕ-394/1З" ?
  13. Orotukan is situated in the Magadan in oblast. In 1931, as geologists found gold reserves in the valleys of the Kolyma region, they built a camp on the river close to present location of Orotukan. The settlement was founded on its present site in the mid-1930s. From 1935, a camp in the regional section of the gulag system operated by Dalstroy was located here.
  14. "For the selfless work during the Great Patriotic War in production to ensure the fulfillment of the state plan, the leadership of the Orotukan plant awards you with a certificate. Surely you will not stop at what has been accomplished and in your future work you will still have the best results and thereby make your contribution to strengthening the victorious red army. Self-sacrificing work in the rear brings the day of complete victory to the worst enemy of humanity - German fascism. "
  15. Hi Following a new topic to discuss NKVD, MVD diplomas. I begin with a diploma issued to Dmitry Pavlovich Kudriatev.
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