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  1. Don't hesitate to show your own diplomas ! I'm especially interested by MVD, MOOP diplomas delivered by republican branches during 40s and 50s (periods during when they were the most detailed and colourful).
  2. Another diploma received by Robert Surenovich Petrossian, " For a conscientious attitude to the performance of his duties, the initiative shown at the same time and high discipline and in connection with the 70th anniversary of the great October and the Soviet police."
  3. Following a diploma issued by the academy of MVD of USSR, to Robert Surenovich Petrossian (jurist speciality)
  4. This diploma was issued to Maria Borisovna Tevelevich, by the State university of Lomonossov in Moscow, for studies in plant physiology.
  5. The next diploma was issued to Robert Surenovich Petrossian, for active participation in the activities related to the preparation and holding of the all-union meeting-seminar. I have no idea what it recovers 😕 This diploma was signed by Evgeni Gurgenovich Patalov,minister of the MVD of the Armenian SSR, from 1974 December to 1983 November.
  6. Hi, My main field of interest is Soviet diplomas, but I too collect diplomas issued by People's Republic when Stalin was still the model to follow. Following a diploma issued in Albania, I purchased several years ago. Sadly, it is still the only one delivered by this country I ever see with picture of Stalin. Are you aware of other Albanian diplomas with picture of Stalin?
  7. Another diploma Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kurakov received in 1988, "For the successful implementation of the government's mission to provide international assistance to the People's Republic of Angola." Besides soviet diplomas, Kurakov received a diploma from the Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of Angola. It's the only diploma delivered by the People's Republic of Angola I ever see.
  8. Following diplomas were delivered in Luanda, capital of the People's Republic of Angola. First one: For achieving highest results in socialist competition, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kurakov is awarded For conscientious fulfillment of international duty and in honor of the day of the air fleet. This diploma was signed by Commander of a aviation unit АН-12 in NRA I suppose АН-12 refered to plane Antonov 12, so Kurakov was probably piloting or working on plane maintenance. This diploma was signed in 1988 when Cuba negotiated with South Africa to find a solution to the Angolan civil war.
  9. Diploma issued to Chobanian Artavazd Avetikovich, In relation to the 20th anniversary of the victory during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, for his participation in the battles against Nazi Germany and impeccable service in the organs of MODERN -MOOP of the Armenian SSR. This diploma was signed by the minister of the MOOP of the Armenian SSR Arzumanian Sergey Arkadievich, minister from 1961 August to 1968, December. Does anybody know what criteria you need to satisfy for getting this kind of diploma ?
  10. Another diploma issued to Vasili Anufrievich Nareïko, for exemplary performance of official duties and success in work. This diploma was signed by Jabitski Gennadi Nikolaevich, minister from 1978, December to 1983, December.
  11. Thanks a lot, Egorka 😀 Text is much more interesting!
  12. This diploma was issued to Vasili Anufrievich Nareïko, For the results achieved in the fight against criminal crime and the protection of public order, conscientious attitude to the performance of official duties and exemplary discipline. This diploma was signed by AKSENOV Alexander Nikiforovich, minister from June, 1960 to January, 1966.
  13. I begin with diplomas issued by successive minister of Belarusian MVD / MOOP. Diploma issued to Mayor Vladimir Artemovich Belokurskogo, For the achieved positive results in the development of amateur art activities among pupils of a children's column and conducting a review at a high ideological and artistic level.
  14. Following a letter he received from Cuban defense Ministry. I was unable to translate it. Please' help me 😢
  15. Diploma issued to KORENEV, For diligence and reasonable initiative, shown in the performance of international duty in the democratic republic of Afghanistan, in honor of the 67th anniversary of the Soviet army and navy. This diploma was signed by Salmanov, Chief Military Advisor in the DRA Another diploma issued to KORENEV is worth noting. In 1967, he participated to the parade in Dresden, GDR.
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