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  1. Wow, old thread, at first glance I thought they were from the FAD Drillich. Photo credit: Waldmann
  2. Hello, an old thread and one that was not answered. Do you still seek information ? 8/112 Breslau-Ostwitz, there is other information and units/ numbers if needed. G
  3. Hello, sorry I am late to the party, RADBA stands for the "Reichsarbeitsdienst Bekleidung" or clothing issuance point, the abbreviations after are the locations, Bn= Berlin Br= Braunschweig Fu= Furth Ma= Marburg Sa= Salzburg E= Efurt F= Frankfurt M/L= Metz/Lothringen, there may be others as well. The tag is for who the Tornister belonged to during his service and location, based on your tag it looks like 5/321 which is GAU XXXII Abt. 5/321 Fehringen. Upon completing service the pack was turned in and then reissued to a new recruit, I do not know when the personal tags started ow was ended.
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