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  1. The sign says RLAD, which stands for Reichsleitung des Arbeitsdienstes/Reichsarbeitsdienstleitung. The L indeed is positioned backwards. Years ago it was often said it was a J, but that is not correct. This symbol denotes the official permission to produce the article and so the authorization by the RAD High Command.
  2. Hello, This is a little more info.. One of the known makers of these without year is FR. Klett, the other examples were made in gold and silver in color, there was also a women's version, there is no year on these specimens. These were instituted in 1933 by the Gauleiter of Gau Baden Robert Wagner to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the NSDAP in Gau Baden, the gold version was for members who joined from 1923-25 and the silver from 1926 until 27th of October 1929. There is little known of these types and when I was doing research little was found. Here is a link.. G https://ailsby-collection.blogspot.com/2012/02/gau-baden-commemorative-badge-silver.html
  3. Hello, John, WAY late to the party ! If you still seek information let me know what you need. G
  4. A nice Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) Traditions Mutzenabzeichen for Arbeitsgau I Ostpreussen, Introduced on April 20,1938 for wear. There were a two different attachments (Pins and prongs) the most common seen by Paulmann & Crone, Ludenscheid.
  5. Wow, old thread, at first glance I thought they were from the FAD Drillich. Photo credit: Waldmann
  6. Hello, an old thread and one that was not answered. Do you still seek information ? 8/112 Breslau-Ostwitz, there is other information and units/ numbers if needed. G
  7. Hello, sorry I am late to the party, RADBA stands for the "Reichsarbeitsdienst Bekleidung" or clothing issuance point, the abbreviations after are the locations, Bn= Berlin Br= Braunschweig Fu= Furth Ma= Marburg Sa= Salzburg E= Efurt F= Frankfurt M/L= Metz/Lothringen, there may be others as well. The tag is for who the Tornister belonged to during his service and location, based on your tag it looks like 5/321 which is GAU XXXII Abt. 5/321 Fehringen. Upon completing service the pack was turned in and then reissued to a new recruit, I do not know when the personal tags started ow was ended.
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