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  1. Check out this link to a superb site re: Oosterbeek http://www.arnhemoosterbeekwarcemetery.nl/#
  2. I shall add it to my collection of books on Market Garden. Well done, look forward to reading it. I seem to recall a Jewish Doctor buried in the civilian cemetery opposite. Am I right and will he be included? I know, technically he is not in Oosterbeek proper but I feel he has a large enough connection.
  3. Hello everyone, Does anyone have any knowledge of if it is possible to view/look up/ check on recipients of some US awards? Namely:- Silver Star, Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. I know the US have certain records and I would like to do some research into some medals I am looking into. Any ideas anyone? Links maybe? Great site by the way.
  4. Ooops! I stand corrected. Colonial hat badge it is then. Just shows you what I know. Well done
  5. Hello there KLG, I agree this is German for sure and I reckon it would be circ 1870-80 maybe earlier. I think this would be a badge bolted/fixed to the flap of a cartouche as worn by Hussars, Artillery, Uhlans, etc. It appears to be originally flat and that would suggest that this was not worn on a hat or helmet or even on a tunic sleeve. Certainly an other ranks fitting as officers' equivalent were without a doubt more ornate. I have not proof as such but in my opinion this is the most likely use. Another 'non-military' use could be from a pouch as worn by civil services such as post officers or police maybe. However, due to the collection it was in amongst, it is probably as you imply. Military.
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